Hi all, I missed you all yesterday as I had a small triumph in getting to London on the train to go out with my daughter. Ever since this trip was mooted I,ve been worrying a lot about whether I could do it. We went to the Country Living fair, which meant a lot of walking around. I worried and worried, but in the event I managed it , and spent quite a lot of money - for me - as a sort of hysterical relief. We bought coffee and I was put in charge of transporting the cake. As I went down the stairs with said cake it rolled off the plate and down the steps. Everyone coming up just stared at it and walked round it! Bending down is an issue for me, but, where there is threatened cake, needs must. I was just amazed by how mean some people can be.

Anyhow, a rest day today, but still flushed with success! Xxxx

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  • Well done, I am trying to pluck up the courage to go up to Durham on the train to see my dad, usually go once a year but last year was a trial, will wait for warmer weather I think. Glad you enjoyed it just ignore any negatives and remember the good bits! Gentle hugs. x

  • Sophie

    I have always wanted to go to Durham.

    May be my challenge could be a week end away.

  • Durham's only half hour away from me :)


  • ooh get you :P

  • only jealous because you left the county :P

  • Harumph :P

  • Hi WW I had a small triumph of my own yesterday.Went for a day out for the first time in almost a year and it was my first time in a wheelchair, borrowed from son in laws nan.I was dreading using a wheelchair but found that I really enjoyed it Then this morning hubby remembered that his brother still had his sons old electric wheelchair in his shed so he had gone to have a word with him about it, Fingers crossed. sue

  • Fingers crossed. Mayrose. The world could be your oyster.

  • Just don't eat it all in one. Hope it works for you :)

  • Hey fantastic sue and glad you enjoyed your day :)

    Fingers crossed about the electric chair :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Oh that,s brilliant for you, I do really hope it works and you can get out a bit more and see the spring. I have a friend who has an electric buggy, she is notorious for running into people, walls, doorways etc! I,m sure you,ll be fine. Xx

  • Well done you that is the way to go :) xgins

  • Well done.

    Did the cake survive? I am intrigued to know what you splashed the cash on. There is nothing like a few bags to put a smile on the face.

    I avoid so much. Maybe I should take a leaf out if your book and plan a challenge.

    Apparently if I write it down I will be more likely to achieve it.

    Soooo? Oh dear I am wimping out. Again!


  • Hi nedd how you doing?

  • Hi foggy

    I is sat here with man in an arm chair asleep along with black cat and whippet, wondering why the hell I have got such a sore neck today as well as the usual, but waiting for the strong coffee to kick in so I can kick ass for a bit. And feeling very blessed that I am reasonably mobile. How is you and doglet? And how is your garden thank god for gardens. Even the weedy sort.

  • Hi nedd, see post below for what I bought. One idea that helped me was to rehearse the whole trip over and over, with contingency plans, I,e., what do I do if I can't get a seat on the train etc., I did this lots, until the panicky feelings went away, but it did take time and effort. Please don,t feel a wimp, but I was getting afraid of becoming a nervous recluse. Apart from what I bought below, I did encourage my daughter to buy a lovely quilt, almost as good as getting one myself, but with two lurchers who love our bed, not possible! Take care xxx

  • Yes, I would have killed for that cake! Xx

  • Wow ww, what a triumph indeed, and I so wish I had been able to go, it's a long held ambition to go to the Country Living Fair. I'm sorry you had such an altercation over the cake :o, it's so odd how people see someone struggle and yet still pass them by.

    Did you mange to see or get anything that really excited you (apart from the cake of course :p ) ?

    I think you are very wise to take it very easy today to let your body recover. I really admire you for your endeavour :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh thanxfoggy, I feel a wally now for worrying so much and then worrying about worrying! I,ve left potentially damaging housework till now, so tomorrow for that. I bought some sewing material for quilting, an amazing needle threader and a really expensive large marble platter that,s decoupaged and then glazed with a fuchsia design, it was so heavy to carry home! I saw some quite nice B ritish breeds felting wool which I didn't get, but I didn't realise that it's so wiry, and really good for needle felting, this woman was making really solid figures with no wiring, just felt. Next goal Ally pally stitching show! Hope you,rr having a reasonable day xxx

  • Im loosing it. Iv`e just been looking for whatever was causing the strange smell of burning only to find that there is no burning . it was my coffee i could smell, duh

  • At least it was hot? You posted earlier about cups of cold coffee, I,m sitting next to one now, it goes on all day and then I have to do a mug trawling before my OH starts to nag! Xxx

  • No. no mug trawling for me. I only use 2 cups Both were mothersday presents and both china. Teddy and flowers on one. Chimps Sally and the boys(,from monkey world) on the other.

  • You're getting worse hunny :D hehehehe

  • I know

  • me too :P

  • Well what an adventure you and that piece of cake had!


    Country Living Show mmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely I'd have enjoyed that :)

    How are you feeling now my friend, how are the fluffletts doing?

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi zeb, yes, a big adventure. I was expecting a bad day, but it's not been bad at all, just been pottering and sewing, trying to make a little patchwork teddy, but it took me an age to make a tiny ear, hoping to make three by Easter, ooh dear, could you send me a sewing fluffy please? How are you today, what have you been up to, any mischief stirring? Xx

  • There's crafty fluffies and not in the 'pick a pocket or two' sense but with paper and scissors, safety glue and felt so with a little tuition they should work LOL xxx

  • Ooh Thanx, I need some fluffy inspiration! Xxx

  • Please post pictures of your creations.

    I love to see others work.


  • Hi nedd, will do. I,m trying to make a little patchwork teddy in a bag, I want to make three by Easter for my grandchildren. It took me an age to make two ears yesterday, but hopefully it,ll get easier. Foolishly I asked zeb for sewing fluffies to help, I think they are loose in my sewing room and hindering rather than helping! Do you make anything? Xx

  • Well done! You should be very pleased with how you managed. Mind you, where cake is concerned I would have dived on it with all the flair and elegance of a kingfisher diving into a moving river!

    There is also the five second rule, if it is only on the ground for five seconds, then it is still good!

    Take care

    Ken x x x x

  • Glad it went well sounds like a great day out.

    So what did you buy at the show anything good?


  • Hi gins, hope you,re ok? I bought a glorious marble decorated platter, which sits on my kitchen table and gladdens my heart every time I see it, and sewing stuff, a kit, and some herbal face cream , mayb I,ll look beautiful while I sew! Xx

  • How lovely I love marble when I first read this I thought it said herbal ice cream and I wondered how you got it home. LOL I wonder if any one else miss reads things .

    Hope you feel ok today xgins

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