Hydrotherapy is supposed to help?

I went for my first hydrotherapy session today, I was really looking forward to it.

I arrived at the hospital and hour early, parking can be difficult, that's an understatement. I queued for over half an hour waiting to get in the car park, then well over half an hour trying to find a space, I went around and around but there just wasn't any free and if one came free someone got there before me. Eventually found one about as far away from the hydro unit as was possible. I had to walk further than I know I can, I took my walking stick thankfully. When I arrived 20 minutes late I was told I only had 20 minutes left to change and get in the pool. It was lovely, so warm and relaxing. I was asked to walk back wards and forwards across the pool 10 times each way and then do it side ways, followed by leg lifts and stretches then more walking. I left the pool, not feeling too bad, until I actually got out and then my body felt like it weighed a ton. I went back to the changing room feeling totally exhaused only to find the window had been opened so it was freezing cold in there. There was no where dry to get changed and I eventually left the place with wet tracky bottoms and wet feet. My bag now full of wet swimsuit, leggings, t'shirt and towel weighed a ton. I had to walk all the way back to the car park in the pouring rain, it was also blowing a gale and I had trouble walking against it. I slipped on a muddy patch and ended up on my knees and then I had to pay. £3.50 for the time I had been there, I was just thinking how expesive this was going to be, petrol and parking every week for six weeks. I put my ticket in the machine after queuing in this horrible weather, there was no shelter from it, but my ticket just kept coming out saying u readable. I let several people go ahead of me as they were getting frustrated. All theirs worked ok but not mine. I pressed the button for help but no one answered and everyone was getting annoyed at not being able to use the machine. I just stood there and cried. I was in so much pain and my bag was so heavy, I was freezing cold and could not see any other way out than to go back to my car. An old lady helped me as she had seen me crying and that made me worse, it should have been me helping her, I'm 58 she must have been more than ten years older. When I got to the barrier the ticket of course didnn't work and told me to park and pay. There was a queue behind me so how do I go back and park. I pressed the button for help 3 times before someone came on the line, I just cried please let me out, my ticket won't work and I cant walk. He lifted the barrier and I was free. I drove home crying all the way. Came indoors and cried again. An old lady had to help me, how bad do I feel. Now my fibro has flared up, I am hot and feel flu like symptoms coming on, also I ache from head to foot and my whole body has stiffened up. I have plantar fasciitis so all this walking has caused untold pain in my foot, and they think I am going back next week to do that all again.....I think not!

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  • I think you deserve a medal for trying,I think I'd have given up way before you did! well done x

  • What a terrible time you have had. Do you not have someone who can go with you, to drop you off at the pool, then park the car. I'm sure if this could happen you would benefit from the Hydrotherapy pool.

    I joined our local Fitness First Gym last week because they had a hydro pool. I have felt better than I have felt for ages. Reduced rates for us over 50's. I have been 3 times and the water is so warm and the hydro makes me feel as if I have had a gentle massage.

    Whatever you deceide, don't give up trying to do some form of gentle stretches. Try to keep positive and if all else fails come back on here and rant away. We have all been there.

    Good Luck in your treatment xx

  • this is possibly the part of having fibro i detest the most.....becoming depent on people

  • OH trust me Amanda, if I could have got out of that bloody car park without parking I would have gone home and not gone to the appointment. Now I wish I hadn't.

  • Hi peppersoo goodness you had the day from hell no doubt about it!! I hope your feeling a little better now your home and thawing out. Wrap up well, rest take some painkillers and try to put the day behind you. Take care fingers crossed for a brighter less painful day tomorrow

    Hugs dixie x

  • Hello Peppersoo, I am so sorry to hear about your day! How horrendous for you! Make sure you take your pain relief, try to rest and keep warm and hopefully you will feel a bit better tomorrow. Bless you!

    Sometimes with hydrotherapy it takes a few sessions to feel the benefit as can be seen from the personal experiences of some members in previous discussions we've had on the subject. However, for some, hydrotherapy does not make them feel any benefit.

    Please click on the links below to take you to the discussions on hydrotherapy -




  • Awwww so upset to hear of your ordeal today Peppersoo, i hope you are now sat with your feet up all cosy and warm Gentle hugs sent your way Love Della xxx

  • Oh that is terrible. I found the hydro therapy very helpful myself but then I had parking especially for that department right outside the pool area. They also made sure that the area for changinf was warm and there were even able to help with any dressing issues I had.

    I would suggest that you contact the hospital patients support and complaints and see if you can get something sorted to help you take advantage of this service.

    If I could get hydro every week of the year I would take it as being in a very warm pool enabled me to get my muscles working well and got my heart pumping.

    So sorry you had a bad time x

  • I do feel for you - what a dreadful experience you had. I have fibro and copd. I am nearly 70, I would be happy to comfort and help anyone I could, age doesn't matter in these instances. I was literally teaching my class one day, thought I caught a bug and that was the last time I was in a classroom. Got so ill, had to be retired. We lose our whole identity when something likes this happens, we have to learn a new way of life and cope with all this as well as the illness. When my doctor said hydrotherapy would be good for me, he followed it up with the fact there weren't any places available!! I do hope you have a better exddperience in future and don't feel bad about accepting help, I am sure you would be happy to give it too.

  • Can under stand you Pepper,i would have felt the same,don't stop going,don't let the car parking fiasco put you off,i'm sure you could of asked for the window to be shut.Hydro isn't a cure ,it just allows you to do things in water that you would otherwise be struggling,plus it's GPs answer to helping you in the best way they can.Lets face it,they dish out pills left right and center,i believe they are struggling as the best way forward as this Fibro is never going away,and is very unpredictable,please try and continue i'm sure you wont experience that a 2nd time.Iwent to hydro it didn't help much but i enjoyed the time,at least it's an acknowledgement of the Fibro.jacksiex.

  • What an awful day you had. I would give it another go if you can. It may be worth it in the long run xxxxx

  • Hi Peppersoo,

    Does your hospital have patient transport. When ever i used the pool or went to physio I always used it. They wanted to charge me saying as i got DLA it was provided to help costs. As you can imagine I hit the roof. Told them without their transport I couldn't attend. So in a way denying me my right to treatment. My DLA mobility component payed for my electric wheelchair and threatened them with the going to the papers. Soon changed their mind.

    Might be worth finding out. But try to find a way to attend, works wonders.

    Soft Hugs

    Yvonne xxx

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