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Acupuncture and massage

Good morning all hope that the sun is getting to those pains with natural Vitamin D, arrh!!

I have regular massage with a lady I first made friends with and used to tell her about my 28 yrs of degenerative discs in lower back. You used to keep telling me that she treats many patients with chronic illnesses. I agreed to see her, when she told me I have one of the tightest muscles she has felt. Anyway, after the 3rd session she said to me, you know what I think you may have Fibromyalgia, as a friend that she also treats has this. What's that I say, she then gave me contact no. for Dr Bansal at St. Helier Hospital in Surrey, he then confirmed this, and thank God it was true. What a relief to have someone tell me I am not mad. Dr Bansal if fantastic, I am able to ring him and speak at any time I wish to call him.

I then got to know of an Acupuncturist through my Pilates teacher. I went in a few treatments and wow got some good relief, but boy did the needles make you jump and make you go hot, but mostly a good releif.

I was told by my friend that Massage followed up by Acupuncture is the best way for relief. But hey, I know that the money is the issued. I did get 6 sessions also at Sutton Hospital she was also good.

Best of luck guys, and enjoy the sun.

Fibro hugs from

Fibroturkey x

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I'm glad you find acupuncture helpful. I liked it very much, but it's so expensive I had to give up in favour of more conventional treatments!

I'm a trained masseuse, and I wish I could treat myself - well, i can do my legs, but it's not the same as relaxing whilst someone else does the work.

The sunshine is lovely - I hope it hangs around!

Moffy x


hi you can now get acupuncture on nhs with chonic pain clinic and if it works for you they give you monthly check ups.it worked great for me.xx


Moves in with moffy :)


I can cook too! :D


I was able to get Acupuncture via the Pain clinic too.

They tried it on various places on my body but it only helped for my neck and a little for one shoulder so they actually trained up my husband to put the needs in for me,. He had quite a few supervised sessions and because where he was placing them were considered safe, certain parts of the body would deed a more qualified practitioner. but as they thought he was 'trained' suitably they supplied boxes of needles and he would regularly use me as a pin cushion, every couple of weeks or so until eventually it no longer had any benefit. but it enabled me to be alb ego move my neck where i hadn't for years, and I agree its excellent for tight muscles, assuming they can be loosened up enough to place the needles in. So massage can be used alongside acupuncture with great effect. I still have a stock of needles and a shape bin, all supplied but they are well out of date now i really should return them for disposal.

I don't know if they still train partners to home help patients, but its worth enquiring. With all the rules and regulations they make re health and safety they may no longer do it. I am going back 10 yrs ago now! (loops i think those needles are well out of date!) xx


i am currently going to pain clinic, i see the tens nurse who has lent me a 4 pad machine, and i also am waiting to learn self accupuncture, my hubby also has to learn as i have o/a and spondylosis so may not always manage to do it myself. i am currently going in the hospital gym,with 1 physio, to learn muscle stretches and to strengthen my core and i am lucky enough to be allowed 4 sessions of accupuncture,by another physio, for agreeing to go in the hospital gym. i have been on the list to learn accupuncture since nov, but it took 8 months to get the 1st pain clinic app, so when i finally go it will have been 18 months since yet another physio referred me to pain clinic to learn it

my gp doesn't know much about fibro at all and in fact thought i had a brain tumour! which is why he sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed fibro.

i find the accupunture very relaxing and i can actually move my neck a few extra degrees afterwards although not for long

gentle hugs x


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