another sleepless night and painful dog walk

my annie finally woke me at 5am she must have a built in body clock-its the same every morning.feeling tearful this morning -cant cope with my swollen abdomen and looking more pregnant than my neighbours daughter who is due in 2 weeks.

my older dog wanted to go out straightaway I just wanted to go back to bed!although hot day he still took us on a long walk(out for hour and half)and when got home he plonked himself down in the garden.i couldn't hold their leads in my hands and Annie was constantly pulling -mostly after rabbits-tho saw two ducks on patch of grass under the bridge and they didn't try to chase after hands are cold throbbing and stinging my head hurts and my feet are stinging.just bought some new boots fro walking dogs and I am walking on the sides of my feet-making my ankles painful.

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  • Have a restful day, Anbuma, now that you've walked the dogs!

    I always wear new shoes in the house for a few hours before I go out in them - I get blisters very easily, so i dare not wear new shoes or boots until they're worn in.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Moffy x

  • thanks .went back to bed after and slept couple of hours then attempted to cut grass but strimmer only worked fro a bit did some replanting of bulbs and tidied the garden a bit getting rid of buttercups and weeds.sat outside and enjoyed the sun.

  • hello Moffy

    I dont wear womens shoes and have walking boots fro dog walking.i do have quite wide feet so regularly buy mens trainers /sandals for the extra width.i do tend to live in boots and trainers.i get thru about 3 pairs a year cos its always the heels that wear out

  • Hi Anbuma Sorry you are feeling so poorly, Have you thought of getting somebody to walk the dogs for you? there are people out there who do this, it might be an idea whilst you`re feeling so lousy Do hope you feel better soon, try and think on the bright side, WE ACTUALLY HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF SUNSHINE, That`s a miracle in itself, As for the swollen abdomen, do I know what that`s like, I have exactly the same problem myself, I`m 9 stone and it makes me feel like l`m 20 stone, and it is VERY uncomfortable, so, here you have a fellow sufferer. Anyway sending lots of good thoughts to you, I know it is`nt much, but sometimes it helps to know someone cares. Hugs

    Lyndia x

  • I still say my swollen abdomen is a cyst or other mass cos it is the only area I have gained weight-lost weight everywhere else. what reason does your gp give for your swollen abdomen?i like to walk my dogs -it wakes me up in the morning and gives me some exercise I wouldn't dr said I was obese -I am a size 12-14-based on BMI measurement. when i queried it I said the reason fro weight gain is all abdominal the scales only show total weight not where weight is lost and gained.he keeps on saying it is bloating-btu has never any advice or remedy.

  • Hi aubuma firstly stop eating bread,and go for free from /wheat and gluten free,I think that will help no end. I have diverticulitis and irritable bowel, and eating certain foods will blow your stomach up like a balloon I know I 've had this for years. Ask to see a specialist to see if you have this, and if you do,ask to see a dietician you will amazed at what you shouldn't be eating. I am taking my own advice now, and I have lost 12 pounds, it isn't easy, but worth it. This is not a diet, just a different way of eating to stop your tummy swelling. I am just going through the same thing at the moment, because I was really silly and strayed off my wheat free,it really isn't worth it, but I'm now back on my wheat free, the bloating is going down, and the pain is subsiding. Thank. God. Anyway have a go, and I think you will find this helps. Best of luck. Hugs

    Lyndia x

  • second attempt to reply.i went to confirm it and my computer jumped back to here goes again.

    I heed what you are saying.i know I don't have regards what I eat-for a few years now I have cut out cakes,biscuits,puddings and snacks-this started off cos I had to budget my outgoings as well as a lack of appetite(I know lupus can cause this)I actually never feel hungry well only in the morning so do have breakfast cereal .I don't know what I would have if I didnt have cereal as it does sustain me.i eat very little fried food and have improved recently by oven cooking everything where i can and eating more dr has never actually mentioned the word "bloating" to me and has never suggested seeing a specialist/dietician tho he did say one thing that mash potato can cause bloating-I only eat potato maybe once or twice a week..i saw a rheumatologist last year who said my weight had gone up 11 kgs in 7 years,i told him it was due to the solid mass which is my abdomen and it is mostly in the last 2 years, also having lost weight on my arms legs bottom and face which both he and my doctor didn't acknowledge-just dismissing took me a year of having nasal probs to get a referral and 8 months of having a cough to get that gallstones were only discovered by "going private" you may have read most of this in my previous blogs.

    what do you suggest if I don't eat cereal?

  • Hi anbuma. I'm on my phone writing this,so it might not be too brilliant, so I will send a comment on my laptop as soon as I can. Sorry . Hugs

    Lyndia x

  • Hi Lyndia

    will look forward to hearing from you

  • Good morning Anbuma [Well hope it is ] Sorry about not getting back to before now, however, I think in the first instance, as nobody seems to be taking too much notice of what you are saying, I think I would change my doc. If you feel you can`t do this, or don`t want to, then I think you should insist on seeing a specialist, you are entitled to a second opinion. you really have to do something about this The other thing you could do, would be to ask to see a specialsit privately for a consultation, and then, if you have to have an op or something like that, you could then tell the specialist you would like to have the treatment on the NHS, I know you can do this. Very often or not, you would get the same specialist anyway. I think in a case like this, you have to be pretty forthright, I know I would be, after all, If there were`nt any patients, he would`nt have a job, so it is up to him to LISTEN and then try and give you advice. As for not eating mashed potatoe, well no comment on that, because that`s what I have to eat all the time, which was my surgeons advice. I had, when I lived in Portugal, a perforated bowel, [ I`ll put it like that, as to explain how serious it was, would be very difficult ] and almost lost my life , but the surgeon I had was an english specialist 70 yrs old and maried to a Portugese lady,he had lived in Portugal for 17 yrs, and was brilliant, I thank God evey day for that man, he got me through the op without giving me a colostomy bag [ I would defineatly had one here, that`s if I had got over the op anyway ] and 6 months later the other side of my body went into complete obsruction, and once again, I had him do the op, which, once again was very serious,. Why I`m teling you this, is, because the only things I am supposed to eat and did eat whilst in hospital,was, mashed potatoe, steamed fish, etc., anything that is light [ I don`t know if you remember, but this was called an invalid diet when people had ulcers and the like , and had to have light food ]I am also not allowed to eat, because of this and the diverticulitis, anything with nuts, pips [ if I have tomates I have to take out the pips ] seeds, lettuce, cucumber,cereal, etc, and anything that is hard to digest I have tried o stick to this, however, I get wayward sometimes, and then, I really do regret doing what I should`nt. You might well have diverticulitis, but you need to see a specialist, so, GO GIRL and get something done, don`t be frightened of docs, etc., they are human like us, and I bet they would`nt put up with things like this. I don`t know if this has helped, but don`t just eat cereal, you have to try and eat sensibly, I know what it is like to have a constant swollen tum [ I`m about to see another specialist for mine, I need an op, but was told by my last specialist he could`nt do it because of the risk factor, due to the adhesions from previous ops, by the way have you had a lot of ops, because that could be a cause as well ] and the pain in my side as well, so , keep positive, go see the doc Lots of hugs, and thinking about you

    Lyndia x Sorry this is so long

  • thank you lyndia

    from your blog you are not in the uk?i have had one op but that was nothing to do with my stomach.i normally have 2 cereals for breakfast-rice crispies and shredded wheat but I am cutting down on the shredded wheat and trying fruit instead.i have heard of diverticulitis but not sure what it is /will google it.


  • Hi anbuma. No I don't live in Portugal now, I have been back in the UK for some time. It is difficult to explain diverticulitis on here,so hopefully you have been able to see it on google, however, it is a very painful stomach condition and can cause bloating, weight gain, excessive wind, etc., and it seems possible that you could have something like this,it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask your doc.,about it. If you do have this, what you eat can play a big part in keeping the symptoms at bay. I am suffering really badly at the moment not quite sure why, but I shall see the specialist within the next week. Anyway please see your doc., just to try and put your mind at rest. Best of luck, let me know how you get on.try not to get to downhearted, sending good thoughts

    Lyndia x

  • thanks Lyndia.i was thinking today to see my DR again as my throat is really tight and feels lumpy from my collar bone to the top of my neck (unde rlower jaw)concerned its cancer?i am sure my dr doesn't take to me telling him what I think things in past I have said it is a cyst/tumour both of which can go undetected by scans,and lupus rather than fibromyalgia.

  • Hi anbuma, sorry you're not feeling good,it really is time you got yourself sorted out, so its time I would have thought you ask the doc,to send you to a specialist. The thing is, the more you let this go on the more stressed you're going to get,which in turn is going to make you even worse. try not to think the worst, but please ask about diverticulitis, because it does have similar symptoms. Did you look this condition up on google? Anyway, please go to the doc, and rather than let him think you are telling him his job, use a little bit of psychology, and ask if he thinks it could be such and such a thing, you might get his attention more. Anyway, best of luck, hope you find an answer soon.

    Lyndia xx

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