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dla !!!!!!!

hi everyone sorry not been on but computer has been sick and was ot the hospital

thing is i got an appointment for my dla

and would just like to ask .

for any help as i have got to go on my own .

i know they look at us as spungers as we have got 10 fingers

10 toes 2 arms and same of legs and we don't have a hump on are back .

so any help would be wellcom , as i am not good with straingers .

i start to go the fog with stress as i am thinking that i will forget names and just loose ,

traine of thourt .

so please help you can in box if you feel better doing that .

thanks for reading and happy happy thourts and soft hugs to everyone

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Hi there Kath, sorry to hear you've been poorly, I hope you feel a bit better now. It's good to have you back with us here in our lovely forum! :)

If you email us on we can send you the info sheets from Benefits and Work on DLA and ESA for free which hopefully will help you.

Is there anyone who can go with you, anyone at all to support you on this day?! It always makes it that little bit easier.

Write everything important down in a notebook before hand, so if you go blank you have your notes to refer to - names of illnesses, how you struggle in your everyday life, what you can no longer do, the problems you face etc. Remember to note everything down as if it were your very worst day so it is clear of the difficulties you face in your everyday life. Also take any documentation you may have from your GP or Consultant.

I am clutching at straws a bit here as I personally don't claim benefit, but I am sure many of our members will post after me giving you advice and telling you about their experiences.

I hope it all goes well for you, please let us know how you get along. Take care.

(((hug))) xxx


HI I was having a bad bad day on my dla medical to dutch a point the doctor said he wouldn't examine me as he could see the pain I was in trying to get my coat off,he failed me ,said I had no problems walking over a mile unaided,I walk like a snail with walking stick,my appeal I was ill I broke down in the appeal,they failed me ,so all I can say is best of luck.imafraid,I'm now going through it with the change over from incapacity to ESA do yourself a favor get a benefit an welfare solicitor,show the doc any specialist letters ect ,you are going into battle be prepared xxx Mick


I had a medical last week, i found it the most humiliating thing ever. Although the man seemed nice i felt under interrigation, even testing my sight when i am under a specialist for eye problems. He then asked me to get my mobile fone out to see if i could send a text. Never again would i turn up for a medical with them i would prefer to not claim. Good luck xx


At least he actually tested your eyes, mine claimed to have tested my eyes and found them to be perfect even though I am losing my vision. He never even tested my eyes I only showed him proof of the deterioration. I have COPD and Emhysema as well as chronic bronchitis, again providing proof, he claimed to have listened to my chest and found absolutely nothing wrong with my lungs. xxxxx


I claimed DLA about three years ago and had a benefits advice officer complete the application with me. She was pretty confident that my claim would be approved - what a mistake. My medical was degrading - even though she could see the pain I was in. Needless to say my claim was turned down. Apparently I can walk the length of three football pitches end to end!! What hurts most is being classed as a liar. I would not claim again as it is too stressful. Good luck to anyone who is going through this


These medicals are very humiliating and they fail you on the slightest thing. They are not concentrating on anything other than watching your every move. They even watch you in the waiting room beleive it or not. One of the things I failed on with a medical was being able to open the dorr with my right hand, of course I did, the left one is useless. Go as if you are on your worst day ever and please please please, do not go on your own if you canget someone to go with you. I went on my own, 1)because my daughter has an illness where she cannot be left alone and 2)My mother in laws car went off the road the day before. They class that as you can go places on your own. My Welfare rights guy says NEVER go on your own. I wish you luck and please do not worry xxxxx


I have not been able to a shopping trip for years , this last 2 weeks due to hospital i had to go morrisons, i couldnt even get passed the 1st isle with out needing to sit down! I have now been told I have got emphasemia though the pain i get from back arms and legs is far far worse but still no DLA only incapcity BENEFFIT


It's not easy facing an assessment at the best of times but it must be harder if you have no-one to support you on the day. It's a pity there isn't some kind of buddy system, on the forum or elsewhere, that those who face going on their own could turn to to find someone to go with them.


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