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DLA Medicals this year ?

Hello everyone, I am new to this Forum and would love your help please!

I have been on DLA with Fibro and other conditions for just under 6 years and during that time my fibro has def got worse, not to mention the other stuff I have!

A friend who also has fibro told me last week that during 2012, everyone on DLA is going to have a medical to see if they can come off DLA. Does anyone know if this is correct? If so where can I find out more info please?

I am worried sick about losing the DLA, as the car gives me a lifeline to the outside world! I don't get any other benefits so would really be stumped if I lose my car :(

I am concerned that a medical board would be like so many doctors and not believe in the condition of Fibro, so would assess me as physically able or faking it!!

It took me over 5 years to get assessed by a hospital rheumatologist and that was after changing my GP three times before I found one who would refer me to the hospital in the first place!

Any info or advice would be really welcome. Thanks!


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Hi I have tried to get DLA and managed to get it for 4 years then it was stopped so I appealed unsuccessfully. Try looking at YouGov which has lots of areas to find things out. Hope you find it useful. Best of luck.


I havent heard anything i have just had a quick look and didnt manage to find anything bbc news usually has this kinda thing and non of the charity websites have got anything as they would usually cause an uproar.. there are always lots of rumours flying around.. try not to panic until you have heard it on the news is usually my best way of doing it.

*Gentle Hugs*


ive heard that in 2013 they are going to rename and reassess people on dla like they just have for incapacity benefit/esa x



Personal Independence Payment (PIP) From 2013 the Government is proposing to introduce a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment for eligible working age people aged 16 to 64 to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA). The intention is that Personal Independence Payment will focus suppor...


I have posted the link to the change in the DLA...I hope this helps...xx


i also am on a renewal, been waiting 8 wks up to now, and it runs out on april 12, i also have a car and worrying that they refuse me and the car has to go, without it im stuck in the flat...also i was in the citizen advise on another matter and they told me that with incapacity we will all get called in for medicals starting in april this of luck everyone whos up for a renewal, it took me 2 mnths to fill the forms in and a bad bout of high blood presure at the time..thats why it went in quite late......


Thank you all for your replies and to Sarah for posting the link, from which I eventually found the info I need :o)

It would appear that yes, we will all have to be reassesed, even those of us with indefinite awards at present.

However, the medicals will not begin until the autumn of 2013, so my friend was correct in what she said, but just a year too early lol.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help :o)


Lynn-FA so so true I also think about now the way im feeling I might not reach next year today is important.



I was refused dla and been getting esa for 2 years. They have now deemed me fit for work!. I have appealed and am awaiting to hear. It's as much as i can do to look after my family and keep my house clean and tidy without having to work. I cannot stand for mor than half an hour without feeling pain and i aslo cannot sit for long periods. I don't know how ther expect me to hold down a job aswell without calling in sick every other week!


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