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So today i called up my local D.I.A.L centre (they help people with disabillity issues no matter how large or small) in my town and my GP advised me to give them a call yesterday when i saw her as i mentioned to her i may apply for DLA and she said go for it

She told me to call them and they will get the form ordered for you and help you fill it in so i have got appointment booked for 21 st May thats the 1st one they had so i have got about 6 weeks to wait but it will be interesting to see how it goes my parents are coming with me , it would be nice if even i got the lower rate it would help so much ,

Anyway got few weeks to that so will have to carry on for now love to you all diddle x

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Hi diddle. Good for you.

You have time to gather your thoughts and get support in place. Visit your doctor so you will be assured that they will support you if asked by DLA once your form is in. See if you can view the form on line and make notes over the weeks so you are already prepared for the questions, or you will think of loads of good accurate answers once you have gone home.( i.e. Once I have made my lunch of coffee and a sandwich I cannot use my arms without severe pain for hours, therefore I cannot make my lunch without help) Good luck. Fi


yesa i have printed a form off and have filled it in but will keepgoing back to it as i want the form to be accurate and it gives me few weeks like you say to get it right x are you on low rate DLA/ if you dont mind me askinfg dont answer if tyou prefer not too it fine i understand thanks for you advice love diddle x


I am on medium care and high mobility. I have a Personal Assistant under the Independent living Scheme for 24 hours a week. My life is so changed.

Even though I have had a few bad employees and the last one robbed me blind, taking more than 40 items. This present one worked for me previously and left for more hours and money. But came back gladly after working for agency.

I started getting help when I was wetting the bed as I could not get up. Never going back there again. That was in 2004/5

I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed to discuss any part of what fibro has done to my life. On the good side I am so understanding of those in chronic pain. Ask anything you want. x


well done diddle. take a copy of the form so in case you make a mistake . hope it works for you!

xxx :)


Go for it Diddle, hopefully DIAL will complete the form in the correct format for you. Its all about using the correct wording and phrases to explain your day to day problems. I got lower rate DLA on appeal mainly based on the fact that I struggle with using equipment in the kitchen as I have lymphoedema in my right arm following radiotheraphy for breast cancer some years ago. However, knowing what I now know I would have completed the form completely different to the way I did the original one.

If you get the form from your local job centre the stamp it the day you collect it and if you are successful and are awarded DLA it is backdated to this date. I wish you every success with your application. Keep on making us smile!! xx


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