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Mandatory reconciliation

Hi guys said I would keep you posted letter sent yesterday registered of corse.

So that ones down , only a week to go then back in hospital on 16th weekend to recover a bit before guys from ATOS come on 19th.

Been in touch with CAB about having some one at our meeting apparently they don't do that.

Told them were we are up to, they said seams like I am ok, come back if I need help to take it to appeals, that they have a very busy work loads just now.

So got it sorted to record it that's about it don't luck like we are getting any more help as my MP is in London that day.

To just round it off nicely just been a told I got polymyalgia and on steroids that's all I need.

Any way will keep plodding away don't have choice really .

Hope everyone is as well as can be take care my friends, weather nice for weekend I think.


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Morning Glynis

Seems funny not putting Newquay lol.

Glad your ok and things getting there.all just takes so long doesn't it.

Hope all goes well on 16th,not long to recover before they come out,but that could be a good thing.

Yea just keep plodding along and hopefully all will turn out good in the end fingers crossed.

Lovely and sunny here today,but nip in the air.

Take care.

Trace xxx


Thank you yes we just come in but got the fleece out now.

Yes I live up north near Burnley. Just hoping that next week is going ahead

My doctor and my specialist are at logger heads as to do I stop taking steroid they just put me on for this stupid polyimayalgia or what ever is called.

Better not change date for operation , yes will be a good thing won't be able to walk at all and don't think I will look to good either can't have a shower for at least a week.

I will be cut from hip to hip so no chance of a dance,lol.

Yes I am fed up now of the whole situation don't really care but you know what I think that's what they bank on.

But not this lady picked on the wrong one this

Have a nice week end


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Thanks for keeping us updated. Trouble with the CAB there has been so many other budget cuts with other advice organisations and themselves that they are really struggling with the work load. Of course many of the people advising are volunteers and the trai inf is quite a hefty commitment and very regimented so often people train only to dislike this system and go to other organisations. I know that as when I was an advisor we got two brilliant volunteers that way! Oh well if you. An get it recorded that would be good as at least they can't squirm out by saying that something was not said, fingers crossed for you.

About the polymyalgia the reduction in symptoms can be marvellous if the steroids work for you. A lady who used to come to our book club who used to live in Wales went through 5 years of increasing agony with no real diagnosis until she moved D n by us and of course had a new doctor. Sent her to see a specialist who diagnosed and she said with 6 weeks she went from crying with pain, never being able to go out and not being able to literally lodt her arms above waist level to going anywhere on the bus on her own, very little pain and being able to wash her hair her lf she said it was like a miraxle so fingers crossed for that as well.

Let us know how things go.x


Yes thanks for that I just thought it was fibro playing up with all the extra stress DWP !

But just got a little much and I was going to doctors anyway, my doctor was great took bloods there and then gave me the steroids and rung me day after with the results, said inflammation was up but not a lot see how it went.

Yesterday was day 3 and feel much better but a little upset stomach .

Will keep poping the pills see how it goes.

Take care



I am so genuinely sorry t read that you have been diagnosed with polymyalgia, and I sincerely hope that your steroids work well for you. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck for your ATOS meeting.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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