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attempting to apply for DLA any tips :)

In so much pain today, well have been for a while now.... Been in a flare for over 2 weeks and it just doesn't seem to want to go. Have filled out a form for DLA but any help would be much appreciated as i haven't printed it and sent it off yet. I honestly don't fancy the stress of it but everyone is telling me I need to. x x

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Here is some info on benefits:


If you email info@fibroaction.org, Emma can send you out the Benefits & Work guides for free.

Best of luck!


the benefits & work guides are excelent! they are what I used.

good luck,



My son has been awarded care on top of mobility this time, I'm still getting over the shock. We expected them throwing him off altogether... I got DIAL to come out and complete it for him, the advise I can give you is keep it to simple facts, Don't ramble on from thread to needle. The guy who did my sons said they don't like reading long story's about how it takes you tem min's to walk from room to kitchen, they are looking for "facts" max 1 to 2 lines of text per question.

For the cooking meals, he wrote things like. Needs motivating to eat a cooked meal, In your case, I would put " the same but due to your pain while lifting hot pans... You need to be reminded to take medications, You need supervision while been out in public due to constant pain i.e. legs, hips ect

I know my sons conditions are different to yours but the same applies to all claims, simple factual, key words..

Send in any hospital apts letters, past and present and any proof of referrals you may have had.

Sorry it's not much but I hope it helps, and there must be truth in what he said because the result was, double what he was already getting.

Good Luck

xx Shelley


make copies of your form, send copies of any letters from your gp and consultants if they are supportive.



I always do mine and my sons myself, i put in so much i think they throw in the towel and say oh just give it we dont have time to read it all.... as said above the benefits and guide sheets are excellent..

VG x


Eversohappy is spot on - you need to describe pretty exactly what the problem is - and the guides are very helpful with that.


Best bit of advice I could give you, if you haven't already done so, is to go to CAB or a similar organisation as they know how to word claims properly. I found out with my last claim that it isn't what you say it's the way that you say it that seems to make a difference.

You have to be able to carry out all tasks set out on the form safely, reliably, repeatedly & in a timely manner so if you can't or have had any problems or accidents whilst carrying out any of them make sure you get that on the form. On mine I told them about my attempts at cooking - things like I keep turning the gas down instead of off and I tend to set off the fire alarm cos I get distracted (I go out the kitchen for something & forget there's something on the cooker). I've also been burned (ended up in A&E) and scalded my feet when my grip went carrying a pot full of pasta. My arms are also covered in red marks & healing weals where I've burned myself on the extender ring of my halogen oven cos I keep forgetting it's hot!

You also need to make it clear that even if you are in constant pain that the pain varies (is aggravated/gets worse) depending on what you are doing - it's especially important with regards to mobility. If you claim under the severe pain/discomfort criteria, even if you are already in severe pain, the pain level has to increase due to the physical act of walking.

Speak with your GP/Consultant and inform them that you are considering putting in a claim for DLA ask if they will support you with it as it is beneficial to you claim if they are also on your side. If you know the medical term for any conditions you may have you should use it ie if you have moderate to severe anterior dorsal spondylosis write that on the form rather than saying you have a sore back.

Hope that helps.


Hi sorry for your pain, please get help filling in your form go to welfare rights or something similar they will help fill it in they know all the nooks and crannies about being succesful in your claim. Good luck chick xx


Thank you everyone. You have all been really really helpful. Im so worried about the stress it brings I hate how they make u feel guilty. Never mind x x


What area are you in? As some of the areas are now trialing PIP instead of DLA


Im in the east midlands so have found its still dla until july x x


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