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Multiple diagnosis and DLA

I have multiple diagnosis namely, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Raynauds, Carpal Tunnel and IBS. I have been refused DLA at any level which I am appealing against. But it doesnt help when your rheumatologist makes comments like 'Im not sure if you can get it just for fatigue'. Yes i do suffer with bouts or waves of total fatigue but i am also in pain all day every day even though i take literally handfuls of tablets. Any one got any advice?

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I am new to this site, but I wld continue with the appeals process! I did it n got refused 3 times, but on the last I told them I wld take it too independant tribunal and won my appeal. I am like u n suffer from multiple illnesses. I suffer from Fibro, Osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, endometriosis, PTSD, and I also need a knee replacement. Im 37 n due to my age i cant get the replacement........but wot I wld say is get as much medical info as u can, ie medical notes, gp reports, physio, therapists etc and sent them in.

Dont give up........keep trying

hope this helps


Hiya i have lost my DLA and just lost my ESA i am appealing both. My DLA this is the third time. I have oastiartherises, fibro, a blister under my right hip, impingment syindrom in my left shoulder and 2 discs in my neck that need removing asap. I am really struggling with the whole system and my disabilites.

We will get there, i hope xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


DLA is not awarded due to any particular diagnosis, it's awarded on how you're affected on a daily basis.


This is exactly right. What your diagnosis is or what your symptoms are is pretty much irrelevant for DLA. It is how they affect you that is important.


This info may help as well:


Please don't give up. I was turned down the first time and then again at the appeal tribunal, so I took my form to the CAB and a lovely lady helped me to fill it in because she knew just what they were looking for.

I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, insulin-dependent diabetes, ulcerative colitis, autonomic and peripheral neuropathy, sleep apnoea, postural hypotension, hypermobility, IBS, migraines, and polycystic ovaries. I take more than 50 pills a day and I have to use a wheelchair. My husband has given up work to care for me full-time and we have had to give our house back and rent instead. Even wth all this knowledge of me, I was still turned down.

When you fill in your form, treat each question as your worst-case scenario, your worst day ever. So if you struggle to open a can of beans sometimes, in the form you state that you are unable to open a can of beans. You're not lying or exaggerating, you're presenting the decision makers with a portrait of your daily life and all the struggles you face.

Best of luck - and let us know how you get on.


I waited 16months for an independant tribunal date after being turned down flat for dla....once i got to the tribunal i was treated like a piece of dirt...the judge was so rude and totally not interested in anything i had to say...I was helped into the room by my youngest daughter and was in so much pain that i was almost crying through the whole process...the judge looked at me and said well i can see for myself that you are severely disabled but we not here to talk about how you are now, we are here to talk about how you were 16months ago!!...i was turned down yet again!!


My advice is to ALWAYS consult a person who is an expert at form filling and like Lynn said, talk to the doctor concerned and tell them what you want them to include. remember it is the worst scenario that should be put on the form and take a copy first to practice on. experts can be found at CAB, and disability charities. I wish you luck,I am sure you will succeed


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