Very childish but I enjoyed the effect

Now I know why my son keeps saying mum grow up.... I had to go out and it's snowing so I put the ice grip on my walking stick and get my ice grip boots out.... After mincing down the garden path gingerly and muttering moodily I noticed one solitary set of footprints leading down the road the way I had to go. On looking I saw the shoe size was the same as mine , but different shoe tread. So I fitted my right foot to their left, my left to their right and with my walking stick walked along like that. On looking back it looked like someone in odd shoes had done small bunny hops with the aid of a walking stick... Am waiting for the dog walkers to come out shortly and wonder which OAP has been leaping like a frog in the snow

Stupid certainly but it cheered me up on my short walk

VG x

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  • Oh if only I could have seen you mincing about tying to place your foot prints in the path of your frog like OAP neighbour. Have you tight rope sjills we do not know about? I hope you are sporting your puffa snow jacket and trying to blend in with the snow. You are not an arktic hare are you in disguise from the neighberhood watch


  • Well I am as mad as a march hare so makes sense to turn into an arctic hare but I am afraid the effect was more like the marshmallow man from ghostbusters in my thick padded coat and white ice grip boots

    VG x

  • Sounds like Detective VG is on the case lol!

    I have this image in my head of you tracing the footprints! Lovely to read, thanks VG! :) xxx

  • Brilliant - the image had me laughing.



  • Thank you VG for making me smile take care love beth x

  • That brought a smile to my face. xx

  • Brilliant! Would have been so funny to have seen their faces......;))

  • I can picture it well VG, and now whenever I see footrpints in the snow I will inevitably think of you hun xxxxx

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