The eyes see but the brain does not react!!!!!

Okay I am having one of my 'there are no bad days, just good days that have gone a bit wrong' days. I know what I want to do and I know what I want to say but it just aint happening right now. I know I want to answer all the blogs on here, but by time I have read and reread my reply it does not look or sound right, so I am having to start again all the time. I am in my 7th week of a fibro flare so it may be safe to blame that. But then I ask myself if my fibro is chronic to the point where I am in constant pain, how the hell can I possibly have a flare? But it seems I can and I am having one of the worst flares I have ever had, seven weeks in and this is worse than the ten week one I had(last year I think). Apparently the hubby came out and said 'how about a brew', and then he came out half an hour later and said 'how about that brew'. I do not remember is coming out the first time, and when he came out the second time I got up to do it and then stood looking at the kettle wondering why I was looking at the kettle. So I gave up and hobbled in on my popped heel and asked him why he had come out. So he has decided it is time to call the funny farm and see if they have a spare stable for me to live in! So now the brew is made, has been for ten minutes, I just need to take it in now! I hate those days where you have no idea what you are supposed to be doing. xxxxx

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  • If I bring plenty of straw can I come and join you ... My sleep is fine , my new med is fine , typing is fine, but I,m still gibbering fibrese..... So sorry you are still flaring ... My record is ten weeks you are welcome to break that... And if we both remember is three weeks away... I,ll post you an award, I know it won't make you feel better but you can hang it round your neck so your family can give you extra care and attention and respect at being a record breaker..... Unless anyone knows different.......

    Gentle hugs

    VG x

  • yeah my longest was ten weeks, but not nearly as bad as this one hun, I think the end of the 7th week is Friday and then if I am unlucky enough I will begin my 8th. Yes if you bring all the straw you can find then you can join me my fibro pal. My verbals are so bad hubby said to me 'why don't you shut up before you say something that may offend' lol. I suppose it is easy enough done to use the wrong word and accidenatally offend someone xxxxx

  • Tell me about it my OH has started guessing while I am still talking what I am actually trying to say which makes it worse... Though I did give him the washing basket today and said take the wet washing out the white thingy in the kitchen and put it in the incinerator... Of course I meant tumble dryer but my OH didn't help by opening every white thing in the kitchen including fridge and freezer, I mean to say its obvious I wouldn't have put the washing in those ..... There's no room......

    VG x

  • Yep hubby is the same as he always finishes my sentences for me. I asked him to switch the radiator on as I was pointing at the radio lol. So easy for us to get it worng hun xxxxx

  • How is it that when we say something like that to another woman they understand but when we say it one of them (men!) they look at us as if we are talking gibberish. Well, I know we are, but we understand... Suex

  • We woman know what we mean lol, men just leave everyone eles to guess xxxxx

  • Men! This really made me laugh. My husband is just the same, which white thing he says, as if there is more than one white thing to put the wet washing into! Suex

  • i been on a flare up for months i wonder is it a flare or just an increase in syptoms??? hope its not the latter, hugs xxxx

  • Being chronic I have always assumed things would not get worse so I am 100% certain this is a flare, it is sooooooo constant that I am finding it hard to function right now xxxxx

  • hi ozzygirl64, yes i can relate to your comment about u forgettin things, i am findin i am forgettin names and places a lot at the moment, not good as when i talk to people i get the feelin they just think i am thick, i hope u feel better soon, i know we wont feel 100% but even a little is good, xx

  • Ohhhh tell me about it. I see a friend every two weeks as she gets the same bus as I get when I go on my fortnightly jaunt to visit family. I have known her 25 years and I said 'Hiya.......' and then stood there like a dummy as I had forgotten her name, oh the shame of it lol xxxxx

  • You lot made me LOL with your stories! Thank you for sharing them.

    OH 's have such understanding & compassion.........NOT!

    I forget what i'm saying mid sentence, or just can't remember a word or name, it drives me mad. The most annoying thing is when my OH says "but you MUST remember" name, event place or thing & that I have NO recollection of whatsoever! GRRRRR!

    I think my song should be Freddie Mercury's "I'm going slightly mad"!................well maybe a tad more than slightly?!........................For those of you old enough to remember..................

    "They're coming to take me away, haha, to the funny farm..........." might be more apt!

    I would sign off with my normal gentle hugs...................bit difficult with this new jacket on that fastens down the back......................could someone scratch my nose please?..................

  • There you go one nose scratched. We have to laugh or we would cry. I remember one time getting on the bus with my pass in hand, and I said tot he driver 'Ormskirk please' and he looked at me and said ' we do not go to OHIO'. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time but the passengers were is hysterics laughing at me. DId not know whether to laugh or cry so I sat at the front of the bus where I could not see anyone xxxxx

  • Ohh, you have to laugh, dont you?? It is very annoying tho. I live on my own,so i get mad with myself, TO myself. I frequently say to myself, "What the hell are you doing?", when i put things in the wrong place or do the wrong thing. At least we KNOW (eventually) that its wrong. Even my dog looks at me funny when we're going out, coz i keep going back to get things ive forgotten. we get to the gate, and ive forgotten his lead or something. Hes all excited and i keep saying "wait". Book me a place at the funny farm too please. (I remember "theyre coming to take me away ha ah", ive got it on a vinyl 45,lol) Hugs all round.xx

  • I meant to put that in other reply that I remember that song too. At this rate we will need a whole wing at the funny farm just for us xxxxx

  • I have visions of a Fibro village, where we can all forget who each other are and why we're there. We'd have our address tattooed onto us so we dont keep going to the wrong house. Where the resident Dr knows all about fibro and gives us the correct meds. All sorts of gadgets and gizmo's to help us thru the day. We would get our requested meals cooked and delivered. But then, what would we do all day, if we have everything on hand? Watch Ozzy and Motorhead on a big screen, nice n loud, haha. xx

  • Great idea BB lol xxxxx

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