Fibro, Athritis, Depression and Anxiety, I can just about deal with but this scares me

Fibro, Athritis, Depression and Anxiety, I can just about deal with but this scares me

and I can't understand why my doctor just looks at me puzzled and says keep taking the pills and we'll see how you are next time!!! From the beginning - I have noticed for some time that usually when reading or watching tv I frequently fall asleep and wake when falling over on my left side, next I notice I am stooping as you can see on my pic and people tell me just to straighten up and push my boobs out...what!!!!! not easy when your back is in so much pain but I try. A few weeks down the line and I cant walk far without stooping so far down and falling to one side so walking like a drunk and can only straighten up when stood still but it is excruciatingly painful when I do and now I've noticed my body looks twisted and I

spent most of yesterday trying to force it back and looks better today. My back feels solid on the right but feels like there is a gap on the left. My doctor doesn't know how worse it's got but I still think I should see a different doctor in the practise. I'm so worried and would like to know if anyone else is experiencing these symptons and advice on what else I should do!

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  • If your current gp isn't listening, speak to another doctor. Explain what is happening or write it down if that is easier. Clearly something is going on and it doesn't sound like typical fibro type things, nor is it caused by depression or anxiety. Make sure it is the one thing you discuss rather than as a secondary item. Hopefully another doc will take note and act.


  • Not sure this is fibromyalgia. Look at Osteoporosis. Ask the practice manager, usually one of the GPs, if anyone has an interest in Fibro. C.x

  • Thank you for your interest Craig, but a lot has happened since my message was posted. Unfortunately, it now looks as if I may have early onset of Parkinsons Disease, as well as scholiosis, fibromyalgia, and athritis. I am well and truly blessed !!! I am starting treatment for the Parkinsons in the next day or so and am seeing an orthopaedic surgeon on Friday. Luckily, I haven't managed to break any more bones since January 2016 but I did fall over backwards onto the pavement on Boxing Day this year and got quite a bump on my head, no bones broken though. Julia x

  • Thanks Ladytelita, I'll try to see another doctor this week. I do have another problem but don't think it will be linked to that. My white blood cells are too low so I have an appointment to see them in the Haematology Department of our local hospital for more tests. I get anaemic quite a lot! There is one doctor that usually listens and talks about my concerns but I will have to find out when he is there next, as I always seem to get the other one! J.

  • may i wish you well

  • Morning if this problem is seriously worrying you go to A&E see if they will help it certainly is not right are skeleton is evenly balanced. I dont think your haematology Dept is the right one but I am sure they will help too if they can Let us know you go


  • It has taken me falling over and breaking my ankle to get my Doctors taking me seriously over the balance issue and I had x-rays taken of my hips yesterday, results taking up to 2 weeks to come through, but other falls recently included means it will be investigated at last !

  • Thanks for your advice gins. I did go to my doctors this morning and saw the new lady doctor. She examined my back and could find nothing out of place, only that all down the right side is solid as my muscles are in spasm. When I asked why I was falling to the left she said it was the muscles trying to pull back so it was making me fall that way. She also suggested that I do some additional exercises to strengthen my back (half pushups and arching and hollowing) and advised me to buy a swiss ball & pilates dvd. I'll give it a go x J

  • Ive had similar for most of my life but have just had to live with it. seen various physios and done different exercises, used hospital Gym, including a Gym ball which is good exercise, but you need to know what exercises with it are appropriate for you.

    I have have had acupuncture too. For tight muscles in my back esp upper back that causes the stoop was best helped by a good physiotherapist massaging it and she trained my husband how to relieve the knots

    I still stoop like you and drop to one side because my legs are different lengths, it in turn puts a strain on my spine, but i was born with problems.

    I think when going to see your doctor you have to actually have to tell them what you would like them to do for you as they no longer just offer assistance.

    I found the thing that has helped me most is Hydrotherapy. i had to relearn some exercises after I had my hip replaced as some weren't appropriate afterwards, now i just need my other hip done, but just hope they donut mess up the lengths of my legs, unless its to make them equal!

    If I were you Id be asking to see a physiotherapist as they may be able to help give you the appropriate exercises to do xx

  • Thanks for your advice fibro, I have ordered a gym ball & a dvd of 10 min exercises to do with a gym ball which should be here early next week. I thought I should at least give it a try but if it makes it worse I will definately demand to see a rheumatologist and physiotherapist.

    I tried Hydrotherapy once but didn't like it as I have a fear of water and drowning. I also tried acupuncture a few years ago and it did help but I wasn't keen on the needles, the ones in my feet really hurt. The physio I had after my diagnosis only lasted a few weeks then they told me to do them at home. I still do most of them but only 5 of each instead of 10 as it hurts so much. The new exercises the Doctor told me to do have not happened yet because I've been having a flare up the past few days but I will eventually try them.

    I'm sorry to read of your health problems and hope they get your other hip replaced soon and get your legs the same length for you. I really appreciate you telling me about your symptoms, I was panicking before going to the second doctor as I thought something terrible was wrong with me falling over to the side so often. Sending gentle hugs x

  • bless you, it is so hard sometimes when you are left to your own devices. i don't understand how a GP can tell you to get a gym ball and not get anyone to tell you the appropriate exercises.

    I don't know whats on the videos, you may need to get someone to pump it up for you. they usually arrive deflated. i bought mine from boots i think, but i still feel you would be safer to have instructions from a physio first. but if thats not possible yet,make sure you have someone at home with you when you first use it. laying across it on your back to strengthen up your core muscles is very good, but not easy to get back up from. even laying across it on your front doing stretching exercises can make it hard to get up again. you are fine if you can get up off the floor as you can just roll off lol.

    like any exercise though, make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards to rehydrate your body. its actually made me want to get mine out again but its finding somewhere to keep it. we used to have an electric foot pump which was ideal but i do have the little yellow hand /foot pump that came with mine. mind you another job for my husband as i don't have any power in my legs!

    i hope you get on ok, but i do recommend that you get professional advice as to which exercises are best for you personally rather than general exercises..... also start gently, don't do too much to begin with, good luck xxx

  • I've noticed recently that my left leg is slightly shorter than the right as I can't even stand up straight, let alone walk! I went to physio earlier this year and did a 6 week course which half killed me at the time, but helped some. Since then it has got a lot worse and I may have to save up to go privately for some "manipulation" on my back. Is it a Chiropracter that does it? xx

  • A good soak in Epsom salts is believed to relieve symptoms of Fibromyalgia in people with magnesium deficiency. They have worked for a friend of mine, I hope this helps.

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  • Yes, hugs are good xx

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  • I'm on enough pills already mate. The Doctor did give me some codiene to take alongside my other pills but I haven't asked for anymore since I used them all.

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  • you have a great home and have a good new year hope your health get good in next year

  • Thankyou, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and apologies for not answering your earlier messages. Not been well for a long time, my memory is getting worse and is now affecting my finances which really worries me. Take care. Julia xx

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  • god help you

  • Thankyou, I do appreciate your kind comments. Not had a lot to be happy about lately as I broke my foot at a spa day (would you believe) a week last Saturday and things have been difficult. I am sleeping on the sofa until I get to grips with the crutches etc., We did have a lovely day on Saturday when we had a party for my husband who was 60 years old. It was lovely to get family and friends together and especially 7 of my 9 grandchildren. Unfortunately, my husband Phil drank too much beer and he's convinced that some of it had gone off so he's spent most of the last two days in bed feeling ghastly. I hope that everything is well with you. Take care. Julia xx

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  • I do pray for strength to get through this and I know it should only be a matter of time before I'm back on my feet walking again, it's just that I get so frustrated when I can't do things and then I get told off if I try to do them. I feel I can't win sometimes and my husband gets mad with me when I don't rest my foot. Oh well! I'll have to try not to ask too much of him and do as I'm told. I hope all is well with you and sorry for moaning. Take care. Love Julia xx

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  • Thankyou :-) I really appreciate your kind remarks

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