Just call me chewbacca and bring on the storm troopers

After announcing I felt better today I had a good look at myself in the mirror before getting into the shower..... Eeeeeeeekkk I look like next doors lawn with mange... No wonder I am always toasty in bed at night , I had neglected my underarms and legs for so long they had joined , weaved? Woven themselves together so I looked like a badly shorn sheep .... I am now looking much better though I may need some plug hole blaster... Think I am also a couple of pounds lighter

VG x

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  • Ha! I tell myself that now it's winter all the hair will keep me warm and why not,maybe I could brush it all together and make a hair onesie?

    Glad it's not just me ;) x

  • You two are wicked!!! I am laughing so much at the images you bring to mind that I actually hurt ;-). Jane x

  • Heehee! that must have been what Greta Garbo meant when she said: "I want to be a lawn"!

  • Groans at the pun while pretending moffy meant that I LOOK like greta Garbo

    Nice to see you moffy

    VG x

  • I neglect the legs as I only wear jeans, this lead to the ATOS doctor putting in the report 'HAS NORMAL HAIR ON LEGS' Still have no idea what he meant by it, if I ever see him again I must ask him. But my under arms I do regular as clock work, once a month, under one arm one night and then the other two nightsa later after I have recovered from the first one lol xxxxx

  • Just had to google abnormal women's leg hair and there is no such thing as abnormal so that's got to be seen as a plus that you hadn't bothered to shave them...note to everyone called for atos go in as hairy as possible....if I get called for examination will not let my friend pluck my eyebrows for a month beforehand, gp with probably put, needs medical attention has a handlebar moustache over each eye

    VG x

  • I have naturally red hair and virtually no grey - 2 or 3 now and again; it's a darker shade than before, but my one vanity as I am 55!

    I'm lucky in that my legs& underarm hair is sparse, fair and fine... unfortunately the downy hair on my face isn't.

    My facial hair is red and I owe the inventor of "no no" my thanks.


  • What a laugh you lot have just given me!

    What a strange comment by Dr, wonder what significance it is?!

    I leave my legs o'naturelle in winter, can't be bother to struggle to shave them except for Christmas parties! Underarm hair has virtually all gone, & most of my eyebrows too! I don't pluck them, considering drawing some in, but at least my fringe covers what is left of them!

    I think onesie look ridiculous, but a hair one?! I feel itchy just thinking about it! AGH!

    Gentle hugs xx

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