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Unbalanced and living on the edged

Nhello moff vg libz sandra and the many others that are glueing me together at the mo I am still feeling very depressed and quite suicidal just enuf fight in me to call the pension office re the letter saying they would come to see robert on monday to check his status. Told the man that the office had seen robs British birth certificate twice and as for his residentail status they may if the are lucky go to heaven to check it out but as far as I was concerned they should go to hell first just in case,

The guy said he was not amused and that they frowned on abuse during phone calls I told him I was being realistic not abusive did he want to see the death certificate yet AGAIN

It turns out someone read the file wromg but nobody know who it was yeah right I am so upset and angry to told him to stop harassing a grieving widow he then went to great lengths to tell me I could have my pension increased. I am 62 this year and havent applied for pension yet so I said to him my husband was a looker and a sex beast and he married me after meeting me pole dancing at a club last year poor guy was in a state of complete confusion and I asked him are you feeling slightly confused he said yes and I said brilliant join the club and hung u I have no income as they stopped my income support before I could appky for my pension I amtold I can do that over the phone but all things being equal I think I should not phone for a while

on the up side my friend who is a hairdresser decided I needed extensions and a new hair colour to cheer meup I looked in the mirror and was terrified by my reflection thank goodness I had not paid for it i now have shoulder length dark Brown hair.......

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Ohh blossom I know it's not a funny situation at all and I can't imagine what you are going through, but you are stronger than you realise, that phone call was exactly what I would have done... on the serious side, if you can apply for your pension over the phone please do so as soon as you feel up to it so you will get some money... And I bet your reflection isn't scary at all. Thank goodness you have friends who are there for you and trying to help you in a positive way... Although you may be shocked by ur appearance ... As I was when I went from long hair to really short .. You will get used to it and may well love it in a few days. Please hang on in there and post away here your virtual friends on here are all behind you..

Love and hugs

VG x


Trying to find a waybto upload a picture of morticia aka petal but tab is not co operating its okay I have an uncanny knack for making things sound funny its a good thing I suppose


Morning blossom

It is good to see you fighting back but remember I know you are grieving and very angry (I would be too) but the man at the other end of the phone is one of many who is only doing his job. I can imagine him sat there scratching his head. Get back on the phone today and get that pension sorted, you need and deserve that money and the chances are it will be back dated too. If you don't feel up to it, go to your local CAB office and get them to help you. Strike while the irons hot, don't leave it any longer my love please.

As VG says I bet you don't look bad in the mirror! A make over is always always a good way of cheering yourself up. Maybe if its a bit long get her to trim it into a nice bob.

Stay strong my love we are all her for you.

Love and hugs Karen cx


I am clawing my way back inch by inch


That's good to hear and we are here for you every inch!

Love n hugs Karen xx


Hello blossom. I have to say I admire the way you put that man straight. And Ihope you don't mind, but I had a chuckle too! I hope your husband,bless him, was cheering and chuckling too. Maybe if you make that call and get that pension sorted, it'll take away some of the pressure off you. You're not on your own when you dread having to sort official things out. Sometimes I avoid phone calls, as my brain gets so tired I just can't deal with it. But the I realise I'm just adding to issues and stress by not tackling them sooner. It's a vicious circle,isn't it?!

Try and make that call, then make a cuppa, and feel better for having done it.

Lots of warm cwtches, S x


My carer has said she will deal with getting my pension sorted so hopefully next week I will have some good news


Just wanted to say how much I admire you. One heck of a strong woman! xx


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