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Drat the little thingy on my nose piece of my glasses just flew away!

How annoying now I will have to go to town and get them mended. I look like a lopsided spec saver advertisement. Keep having to readjust them so I can see through varifocul part. Hark I hear the hippo ablutting upstairs next thing he will be down ready to go for papers.

Saturday tradaitionally so bizzy in town what a pain I wonder if I can last till Monday (looks despondant) :( sighs laptop is d oing its own thing keeps taking me b a ck and changing what I am writing ugh gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I not happy bunny xgins

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Omg I must stop reading these posts before I wake up properly I AM wearing varifocals and STILL read Drat the little thingy part of my nose fell away..... What meds are you taking for fibro. I can se you searching for your septum frantically as you yell at your hippo ,,,,, erm OH to stand still while you find it. If you don't you can have some bonding time with your OH going into town holding hands, you can yell at him what's being said and he can look and tell you where you are going... If you don't fancy that you can always stick a lump of blu tac to your nose to hold glasses in place til you get them fixed, just remember to remove it afterwards otherwise people will stare at you if you walk round like Nanny McPhee

Yours Grumpy Poppins

(practically perfect in every way) x


I shall take your advice and go with the blue tac option s fashionable I canot stand the thought of parking n the city on saturday before Christmas with deaf OH. He is at the moment serenading me with his ear aids. a tune I am fast becoming used to a discordant lullaby which grates on ones musical ear. Take care Grumy popins make sure you have everything you need in your carpet bag PP xgins


You two are a garanteed cure for depression. I will have those images with me all day now. Dear gins I really hope that you manage to get your glasses fixed quickly and that you find the missing part of your nose ;-). Thank you both for brightening my day - as usual! Jane x


Glasses will now wait till monday blue tac calls must sit and watch Mary Poppins so I can banter or bait with VG. Nose is in tact although has no sence of smell very difficult. Glad we brighten your day xgins


Well I wish you had done this before you had your chimney swept cos then I could have flown in by umbrella with OH clinging to my ankles, dressed as dick van dyke aka the chimney sweep and he could have drawn us a chalk picture to jump into and have tea ( your OH would have be forced into a penguin suit to serve us) while my OH swept your chimney.

Though it would have taken you weeks to clear up the soot..

Off to fly a kite

Grumpy Poppins x


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