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My GP has just laughed down the phone at me for having Fibro!


Rung the doctor today for some pain management and when I said this and that it was for fibromyalgia they laughed ..... it was that oh no not another sort of laugh . Its had me in tears! and shes put me on anti depressants! I don't want them. Not even interested in talking to me at all regarding it. Am 19 and NO-ONE WILL HELP ME! So fed up!

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Ok let's deal with the anti depressants first ... That's standard treatment for fibro... I am on dosulepin 75mg it helps with sleep and scrambles pain signal to the brain....I take that night with a ver low dose muscle relaxant ... As for pain meds,, never found any that suit am allergic to lots but Many people on here are on one brand or another so maybe they can help. Secondly .... For your treatment over the phone at the gps.... That is not acceptable and I had this a few weeks ago... I came on here in tears... After lots of advice and sympathy I felt better to take on board the suggestions and I chose to write a letter to the gp addressed to him personally ... Not going through the complaints procedure form you can get at reception as I thought that might cause more Ill feeling. So when I was calm .. About 3 days later I sent him a letter telling him how I was in pain felt really low and to be treated in the way I was made me even worse and I was now scared to ask for any more help..... The day the gp got the letter he phoned to apologise and we had a good chat over the phone and things got sorted. Maybe it's something you can do when you feel less stressed. I know you feel like you don't want to take the anti depressants but if they are the right ones for you .. I had to try 3 before I found the ones that suited me they will help to some degree with your fibro symptoms.

I hope that has helped in some way as gps have to know how we feel and how gps react can have an effect on our symptoms


VG x

emjane4465, what a horrible thing to happen!

a lot of anti-depressants also help control pain and help you sleep. If you try them they might help.

you are not alone, we are here for you.



Poor you what a totally unacceptable reaction from your Doctor. It is not on and that alone is enough for many patient to move surgeries. Very Grumpy explained our general situation really well lots of us use anti depressants to help us cope with the pain and our emotions. I take Duloxetine and it has stopped me crying. Talk to your Doc again and explain you are not sure about taking the tablets and tell them why.

Hope this helps x gins

I'm on Duloxetine as from a couple of weeks time (just going to do it on my next repeat prescription - can't be bothered with talking to surgery before then).

I'd certainly think about writing a personal letter or changing GP's - within the practice is easier.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


I too take Duloxetine for my pain and together with my other medications it makes a big difference, so do take your GPs offer seriously. If you continue to be in pain, ask for a referral to your local pain clinic as they are likely to review your medication and help you to find something that works. Hope you feel better soon! Jane x

Hiya sorry to hear your so upset. I do not understand these doctors do you have a new one at the surgery. We have one that has just qualified and she knows what she is talking about. Its just a thought. Some docs who have been gps forever are so stuck in their ways and do not even know about fibro.

Please dont feel as if you are alone we are all here for you. It is a good idea to try the antidepressants you wont become a druggy so dont worry about that or even a zombie but they could help you feel better and at the end of the day thats all we want. Dont give up you will find some sort of relief and it is so sad at your age. My daughter is 22 and she shows all the signs of fibro but she has seen me and understands its not the end of the world.

Take care of yourself try to live your precious life the best you can.

Bye for now love Ax

hey, when the doc laughted at you down the phone,you should have said it isn't as funny as you getting thousands of ponds a year as you calling yourself a doctor!!

soorry that should reaad "pounds not "ponds!!

Hi my friend

so sorry that you have this at your age, report the Doctor. Make a written complaint, there is no way you should be treated like this. If needs be get your mum or dad to do it, or partner. I had a Dr reduce me to tears in the surgery. I was accused of selling my medication, Oxycon. The chemist has sent the wrong prescription out 3 times, so I had an accumulation of medication. They would not take them back as they were all controlled drug request.

He said I was overdosing myself, or selling them. It was at the same time when that young actor Keith Ledger died from an overdose of the same meds. Frightening or what.

My Doctors have talked me that some anit-depressants are used for Fibro just for the side effects they produce, which helps the pain in Fibro patients. I have been on them for many years, not really sure if it helps.

Chin up and watch a really funny film, laughter is the best medicine, cuddle a hot water bottle and curl up on the sofa. Love you, we all feel for you.

Your fibro friend.

Hope this makes sense, head not on right today......

hi,it makes me laugh when people say that their doctors dont reconise the end of the day fibro meens muscle/tissue and myalgia is pain so its not rocket science is it folks??? xxxx

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