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Lol, Ive just had a call from the Job Centre,

telling me to apply for a position at ATOS Healthcare!!!! Cant wait to see if i get an interview. I'm the type of person they are so intent on telling, you are fit for work!!! I will updat when i get a response. This is going to be interesting to see if they do give me an interview, I have the experience and skills to do the job, but i have medical problems. Interesting to see if they are willing to set me on...

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Thats a joke innit?

Well at first i thought it was, but no they are serious. I have an appointment with the job centre next week and they will expect to see proof of my application to ATOS. lol I hope i do get an interview, I will be interested to see if i get anywhere with it having fibro and ME.... lets see if they think i'm employable!!!!!

good luck!

It would be nice to have someone on the inside !! lol

Lol, I love the name, Tramadol "knight" love it. Lol... I will let everyone know if i get an interview.


This will b interesting 2 see, hope u get the interview even if it is only to see what they think of employing someone like urself with medical problems. I mean after all they r very quick 2 tell everyone u might have medical problem but u can still work even if we know better. Good luck x

Thats just incredible! Please, pleaselet us know what happens here....its just too stupid for words. Would love to be a fly on the wall if you get an interview! .....Charlii xx

Will do, I'm waiting with some small amount of excitement. Aweek ago i finished work due to fibro and ME. Ihave been advised to apply for Job seekers!!! I told them I have fibro and ME and they told me i needed to claim JS, To be fair they did ask "can you work" I said yes but i need part time hours and nothing manual, like warehouse work or anything too physical.

Anyway, a few days later i get a phone call at home from job centre. The lady said "i have found a job i think you would be suitable for" "can i give you the details and you can show evidence of your application when you come to sign on"

Yes ok i say, " Its full time", In sheffield!!"!, working for ATOS HEALTHCARE" !!!l

I was gobsmacked, Firstly its full-time, and its 20 mile there, 20mile back... Thats 2 buses there, 2 buses back... god knows how long the waiting time will be between buses a rough estimate would be at least 15mins.. so i would have to be up at 6am and get home at 6.30pm.

So what part of, "I HAVE FIBRO AND ME, did she not understand!!! are they not trained to look up the medical condition before trying to match you up to a suitable job!!!

I hope i get an interview, if it kills me i will attend and tell them what i have, what i will always have!!! I am actually qualified to do the job having worked in healthcare for many years, as a recruitment consultant and medical receptionist so lets see what the outcome will be... xx

can't wait to see if you get an interview, one of the Doctors at ATOS is disabled and guess what everyone is fit for work after his assessment.I been with lots of clients and ended up attending and winning appeals

hi i wouldbe very cautious as if they did take you on they could then say..see we have someone working for us who has these symptoms but manages to work!!!..x

With your attitude towards benefit claimants, you would be perfect for the job.

I'm sure i would

Sorry you can't go for an interview apparantly atos doesn't believe people with fibro exist though some people are now questioning if atos exists... either way wherever you go one of you won't be there cos one of you don't exist.

Anyway if you don't get the job it will be fun explaining to the job centre you couldn't get the job because you don't exist

VG x

Perhaps neither of them exist and there will be a non-existent interview for a non-existant job!

certainly will, that would be an interesting conversation with my JS advisor lol. x

Wow I wish this had a like button cos im loving this!!! Good luck xx

Thank youx

If you don't get an interview or don't get the job you will have to ask them why!

That will be the first question, "is it because i have the non existant fibromyalgia! lol

Clearly the universe has a rather perverse sense of irony!!!! Will be interesting to read how this unfolds. Doubtless if you don't get selected it will be because you are a malingerer with a psychosomatic problem. No, wait, that can't be true because you're applying for a job - DOH! What are they to do as we all know that FMS isn't a real condition and, if it were, it wouldn't affect one's daily life one jot, tittle or iota. Thanks for sharing stanne. Cheered me up after a truly cr** day at work following a fulsome four hours of interrupted sleep thanks to my non-existent health condition. Good luck xx

Lol i will keep u updated. Than you xx

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