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The weather here is lovely so sun hats on and a gentle sit in the shade for me!

Please take care in the garden or managing steps, if you need a stick do use it I forgot mine on Saturday I executed the steps well ankle went at bottom I crashed into a flower pot and a bale of compost. As always beloved dog rushed to help. Now look as if I have fought ten rounds in the ring. Just my luck son coming over for tea yesterday still we had supper outside it was lovely.

Gardeners coming tooday so must get shoes on bye xgins

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Gins you are NOT little weed from Bill and Ben so stop trying to plant yourself... :D

On a serious note glad you are not seriously hurt ... But if you look terrible play on it ;)

At least this might stop you from playing lady Chatterly with the gardener this week... And why was there a pot and compost at the bottom of the steps.... May I suggest you install a large waterproof matress there instead...

VG x


Sorry to hear about your fall gins, your lucky it wasn't more seriouse, did your son have a Go at you for forgetting your stick, now rest up wish u better o picnicking or chasing narnia, also leave the lion king alone, he's mine lol tae care gentle hug ...Dee x


Sorry for misspelling lol


Dear me, Gins - maybe you should stick to a window box - t'would be safer! On second thought, forget that - I can't imagine what you would get up to with ladders and stuff! :O

Do take care and wear a crash helmet and shin guards or something, and be careful with that gardener - he might have hidden depths!



Thanks everyone I am off for my weekly bandaging in a mo and I have promised to use my sticks :) xgins


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