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sorr for absense!

sorry i havent posted or replied, its in a good way partly as the meds are keeping fibro ok, and partly bad as im moving bk with my mum with the kids as my marriage is gone and i hate the town we moved too!!! and to top it off today i wrote off my car!! lucky no one was hurt but i know i will feel it in a dauy or so......pre-ouch!!!

anyway i hope u are all well i shall now have a read at how u all are eoing,

huggles Tink xx

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hi Tink so sorry to hear your news , hopefuul you won't get too much pain as a result of the car accident, so glad you are ok.

sounds like the start of a new future for you and your family , you will have your Mum there for company

huggles back to you xx


It's a blessing to have a mother


Apart from the awful car crash this could be the start of a whole new chapter for you

Glad you have your mum there for you

Hugs VG x


Aww hii the main thing is you are safe and ok and not worse!

I definately can relate to much of your posting and sorry that things are not working out and things happen for a reason as i say.

We are all here for you whenever you want to let off steam as we all do xxxx


Pleased you and the kids are ok, so sorry to hear about your news, I agree with VG the chance of a new start. I was offered a flat a couple of weeks ago bottled refused it and well the rest is history.

You go girl Im rooting for you


Susan Y


hi tink so sorry youve crashed your car thankfully you are all ok , my mum used to say things happen for a reason, so the end of your marriage could be a new start of a happy future for you and your family I TRULY HOPE SO big hugs sandra xxx


Hi Tink, boy you sure know how to drop the weight, just joking, life sometimes has a way of making you do what is in your best interest. The best friend you can have at this time is your mother, you strength and courage will be your kids, time to step back lick your wounds and heal thyself.....................we hear you


New beginning, same old fibro. It is a shame you could not leave it behind too. But I am sad that you have had some bad things happen to you hun xxxxx


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