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Hi everyone,I applied for the blue badge in the end and did not get it.apparently the lady wrote in my letter:'u can see the pt has noticeable difficultly walking but as it is not 'permanent as the condition changes daily the pt has not been awarded the blue badge.however if they continue as they are in future they could claim higher rate dla and automatically get a blue badge.don't think I'll bother after that and a dr at my surgery telling me how could my partner live with me,I am lazy and should get up and out of bed (even though I had been ill in hospital at A&E the week before with a viruses!!!!his final statement will be one u all recognise.he said as there is no definite tests to prove I actually have fibro or me!i was very upset as I am not lazy at all!!!

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  • I have so many blue words right now :$

  • Methinks you really need to find yourself another GP!!!

    Once you have found someone who is sympathetic to Fibro - a referral to a Rheumatologist would be useful in giving you a definitive answer.

  • Hi Ffb, I too had two bad years of struggling to work and falling behind with debt etc and my gp told me the same ie i am swinging the lead and just want to live on benefits! also that it was all in my mind and to take the highest dose of antidepressant available - 150mg of sertraline. all this did was numb my mind and make me even more confused. i finally saw a locum when i was so low i was contemplating suicide and she diagnosed me straight away. She also arranged for me to see an ME nurse which helped enormously as she wrote to the dla people supporting my claim. During this time I had my esa stopped as i couldn't attend the doctors appt (about ten miles from my home) and it wasn't until i was made bankrupt and a debt team got involved to help me that it was reinstated. . dire time but bankruptcy resolved and i'm still in my house and recovering slowly. don't give up whatever happens.

    i wish you well and gentle hugs xx

  • Lima6Mct I am already diagnosed by a rheumatologist but he still does not believe it!carella that is terrible.i am sorry!!it is terrible that we all have to be put through this mental torture!!!

  • CFS/ME is a regognised medical condition according to the NICE rules and as such doctors are obliged to treat it accordingly. The diagnosis is by exclusion. Therefore if the GP is not sure if you have CFS/ME he has not followed the correct procedures for diagnosis. I would seriously consider making an official complaint about your doctor for making such a crass and ignorant comment.

    Sadly NICE has not ruled on Fibromyalgia, but the World Health Organisation recognises it and there is an entry on the NHS website which is worth printing and sticking under an uncooperative doctors nose!

    It is apalling that you have received from a doctor who, lets face it, is very well paid to be informed and caring!

    ((((( gentle hugs )))))

    Julie xx

  • Julieevh it has made me feel very uncomfortable about going back there!i feel that they still feel after a clear diagnosis by a rheumatologist that they are threading me as if I am mad.i had been to see this dr to get some ideas on what to do now I was back at work as u was struggling !!!!He said that he would write a sick vert but would write that it was my idea and that he did not support it as I needed to be at work and socialise and get oxygen!!

  • Definately get a new gp!! x

  • Yes get a new GP!!!!!!!!!!!! Outdated thinking in the extreme that I wish would disappear into a big black hole.

    Hope you manage to get a better, more informed and sympathetic doctor soon. :-)

  • yes, yes, yes, change that doctor an get the support you need to get that blue badge good luckxxxx

  • You need a new GP and make a complaint about him too. I went to see a specialist in London. He diagnosed me fully and put it in writing so I could show it to dla if needed. My present GP is brilliant, When I moved here and told him I had fibro, he said he was going to go on line straight away and do some homework.. They are not all nasty ill informed twats like your one. Get rid of him and find someone who will support you ... Hoping it will work out soon

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