Quite in here WHY

Morning fibro friends, it's been sooo quite in here since the change over, why is that, I also think I may be using this wrong, I have to keep going out of the forum and back in again before I know whether any one is at home, wish it was a bit like messenger or so etching similar where u could just hold a conversation with every one, or am I doing something wrong, also not getting any notifications as to who has left messages, anyway my fibro friends do hope u r all having a reasonably good day, I'm off out now to see my friend Maureen who is partially sighted, only going for couple of hours as the temp is suppose to be going way up high to 34degrees and not soo good, catch u later hopefully, gentle hugs to all Dee x

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  • Morning Dee,

    I think part of the problem may be that not everyone is receiving notifications in their email, i know some people are getting them, im not, yet, but hopefully it will qll be sorted out soon. Like you I decide to poke my nose in and see if anyone's about, I also think a lot of peeps are being effected by the hot weather. We had a fantastic thunderstorm here (Devon) las nightm it was lovely to watch e storms all around, then at about 2.00 the heavens opened and we had lovely rain, some of my flowers are very grateful others have been bashed about a bit - never happy are we, but as I'd watered thoroughly earlier I hope it made the most of the rain.

    Hey ho, hope you have had a nice visit to your friend, but wise not to be out in the heat of the day.......I'm lucky my little cottage has very very thick walls and is lovely and cool.

    Anyway, hope to catch up with you soon Dee.

    Foggy x

  • Thank you for your reply foggiest although I was seven days ago I have only just seen it lol, I will get this right if it kills me, I'm not receiving any mail again, like you I had just finished watering the garden when we had a huge thunderstorm , I was hoping it would clear the air , but to me it seems just as warm and not that day to breathe, whereabouts is your cottage, I always like sound of the word cottage it cunjours up such an idylic picture in your mind lol .....take care Dee x

  • Hi Dee, thank you for your kind words :-) my cottage is in a tiny little village called Dalwood. It is really beautiful and I really ever want to live anywhere else. The surrounding countryside is breathtaking and we have a lovely river (the Corry Brook) running through it, with willow trees which one can go and sit under with a book and read with the terriers spuddling about in the water......bliss !!

    My garden is very much a country garden with loads of wonderful perennials, roses, jasmines, honeysuckle (several varieties)and some really beautiful annuals displays, though I've just lost both of my hanging baskets. The men who are repainting the outside of the house moved them and the most beautiful one fell right upside down and the other which had trailing petunias, didn't meet the same fate but with all the rain we've had it has ruined it completely .......... Not a happy bunny !!!!

    Anyway, will close now, buy thank you again for your kind words.

    Foggy x

  • Good morning Dee. Ever since the old site went down, I've been waiting for an email telling me about the new site. Since there has been a blinding silence I eventually looked for it today. It seems hard to log into, doesn't seem to keep my login and there is no, 'activity', drop down next to my avatar. This was a really useful feature of the old site. This manifestation seems un-intuitive and doesn't seem a patch on the old site.

  • H comber, thanx for reply I knw you were this seven days ago but I have on,y just seen it lol yes I ad to sign in evey time even tho I had tick the box, but at the moment it's behaving and keeping me signed in, fr some reason I'm not getting the emails again tho take care ...Dee x

  • I have emailed HU today explaining a lot of the problems we are still having ... Logging out .... No emails .. We do keep being promised them switched back on ... It's a bit like waiting for the Christmas lights or Blackpool illuminations except they have an actual date .... If I have stayed logged in long enough you may be able to read this ... If I haven't then I have wasted yet more time writing answers that don't get seen as I have been logged out ...

    When I log in and stay logged in for more than 5 minutes the site is very easy to use you just click on communities on the green bar click on fibroaction or any other site you are a member of they are all listed and then the blue bar with posts or question pops up

    Messages are highlighted by your name with a red circle and you can just click on your name or face to see your profile as normal .....

    For so much hassle very little has changed

    Yours hoping for normal service ... Abnormal service ... Silver service ....Or any sort of service to be frank ...

    VG x

  • Hi vg thanx for info, have on,y just found your reply, but kava written your instructions on a piece of paper this time, in the hopes I get it right, I really hope I do because I enjoyed talking to all of my fibro friends it helped deal with my own pains ect, and I do miss the chat, anyways here goes we will try again, take care ....Dee x

  • I dare say most people can't remember their log in details, the site is not saving them like it used to and keeps logging people out.

  • emails have been off and I HAVE had dreadful problems rejoining site and each time KNOW IT HAS DECIDED that I EXIST AGAIN!! YES the error message was user does not exist!! and here I am existing again but have to log in each time xx

  • Summer you do exist I am so pleased xgins

  • Hi Dee I know you miss the chat we all do but now we seem to have a semblance of order again and HU has managed to get people back on we can start to chat and have fun again It would be marvelous to see happy messages xgins

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