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Should I report a nurse in charge for neglect breach of confidentiality humiliation and spreading malous lies about me

I was admitted from a e with severe dehtdration serious uti infection

While on the ward " we'll out of it" as described by nurse I heard her discussing things in my records with staff that wasn't even caring for me and if I could hear so could other patients, and the things she said had no bearing to my illness or care she was just gossiping. I took a bad turn. On my release day, I asked ffor a toilet chair as I couldn't make it to toilet due to pain dizziness sickness she said ohh the toilets just there on u go and walked away I sat dribbling in pain with a full bladder she came back 3 mins later well did I go no I said ohh do u really want cant u go to toilet I said oh do u no wat just forget it don't U worry about me and she walked away I sat for 5 mins tryin to block pain to sit up and aventually made it after losing about half dribbling . I told her about a new pain in my left side this was ignored and I was released and guess wat yes 5 days later I was admitted again with pain in left I had a blocked bowel, luckily it was constapation due to meds and dehydration then a e Foned me eee just to say wen I was admitted they recorder fast heart rate and yes they had released me without checking it and guess wat 3 days later I collapse with a heart rate of 160 and was admitted again I now waitin on results if heart but this nurse had neglected my care broke confidentially spread gossip about me ignored my pain complaint and release me without following up my heart problem. I am so angry I never reported her but now my is goin in for surgery and the thought that she is treatin patients the way she treated me I thought no I can't let this disgrace of a nurse treat me my family or any patient at all I should do something, am I overreacting do u think this treatment is except able from wat used to be a caring pro . All thoughts welcome thanks Michelle

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Hi Michelle,

I hate the thought of having to go into hospital because the thought of not having my hubbie around who cares for me constantly terrifies me. I know how much I would struggle to get to the toilet, bathroom ect. Unfortunately, the time sometimes arises when we do need to go into hospital. Whilst in the hospital we are to be given the same rate of care if not more as anyone else and that care should be given to the best of the hospital's ability. I'm sorry and sad that you found your stay in hospital distressing to say the least. I would complain, definitely so. This nurse had a duty of care for you as a patient and if the care was not given properly then you need to complain. Write everything down if you can, names, dates etc. I hope that you manage to sort this out as these situations only further impact on our illnesses which can be unbearable most days. I wish you well, gentle hugs hun, Kim


I would write a letter of complaint. I despise this sort of treatment, whether from a GP or in hospital. You expect a duty of care and confidentiality, both of which were clearly missing. I feel so sorry for you. Thankfully not all nurses are like this. Please have your say Sending you healing thoughts and hugs


hi Michelle yes definately report her it is a disgrace the way that some nurses treat patients as i saw when my Mum was in hospital,we should not have to have people there with us to back up our treatment. i would also ask to go to another hospital next time as your treatment was so awful. The nurse has no excuse for her actions and certainly no empathy. i am so sad you have been treated like this when you were needing care most, but there are good nurses who really do care along with the porters cleaners and Drs. i send comforting hugs to you and pray everything goes as well as possible next time xxJ


Hi Michelle - this experience certainly warrants the individual being made aware of the impact of her lack of care. She breached her code of conduct (if registered) and in any case there is a campaign called dignity in care - go to the link - which should help you specify in your letter or email or telephone call of complaint to the hospital - [write to the PALS department but state in the letter that you are making a formal complaint,] what was wrong about the care you received - or didn't as it sounds in this case! at the very least she did not give you due regard for your dignity - and there is lots of evidence that feeling stressed (as a result of poor care) can cause more pain and slower recovery. The other approach or something to do at the same time if you know what the nurses name is and she is registered (qualified) you could contact the Nursing & Midwifery Council or check out the website

I am a registered nurse - and having been on 'both sides of the sheets' I know that some nurses are fantastic - but the one's that aren't shouldn't be practising!

Your rights as a patient are detailed in the NHS constitution -

Hope you have the energy to make that complaint. and the information you can find on these links helps you to realise that the level of care you received was well below the quality that you should expect.

Take care - wishing you all the best as you recover from your ordeal. S xx


Ohh thank u all very very much for guidance and support, although i have fibro i am a very easy goin laid back personallity and at first i just tried to brushed the incedant off but my mum is goin in the same hospital and i got upset when i thought that this horrubke nurse coukd be treatin her, then i thought shes probably treatin other patients the same and i felt the hospital should be informed when a nurse is muss treating peolpe. I no being a fibro means im very sensitive mot just meds, sound, noise ect but also emotionallysensitive it really hurts when I feel mistreated thus why I asked u s all . I have been soooo lucky up till now I have a fantastic team of medics lookin after me, believing in me an appreachiates how crippling debilitating and soo dire and exhausting it isbeing a fibro . Soz about spelling late at nite blurry eyes. Lol

Thank u all soo much take care


My answer is a definite YES!! I was a nurse over 30 years ago and the standard of nursing now is utter crap!! The care has gone right out of nursing. Give a nurse something to write and they're fine. But ask for a bedside manner and you'll be very disappointed!



These days I have zero tolerance for people, who in their professional capacity should know better. I have written formal complaints about one of my psychiatrists and also a receptionist at my local general hospital. So put together a very clear, concise letter that gets to the point of everything that made you feel more distressed, when you were under her care. Also make it very clear that you although you may understand the pressures that the NHS may be under, it does not justify the treatment or lack of respect that you received. I would also speak to your doctor, and let him/her know how much this upset you, as this is something we can all do without!

Good luck and take care.

Sharolina x


oh my god, yes you will have to complain. the amount of people who are in the so called caring profession, who dont really give a dam is unbelievable. iv ejust put in a complaint against my occupational therapist, who i know does not believe in fibreo, and just sits and smirks when ever i mentioned it,who totally had me in tears when i had already told him i was in pain and feeling very tired and upset. he took advantage of the situation , and i just walked out as i couldnt deal with him, luckily my daughter was there ,and has made a formal complaint to his main office manager, who in turn has informed nhs, who are now dealing with this, and also keeping me inforemd . so please do complain,it may well help some other unfortunate who has to deal with these so called caring people. also it will help you to feel better about the situation. good luck .xx


Do not let this nurse get away with it a simular thing happened to me some years ago and i reported her some 4 weeks after my discharge. Try to make as many mental notes as you can, like you i was young enough at the time to speak up for myself but what about the very young and elderly who cant or are afraid to speak up for themselves. REPORT IT ~~~ SO SORRY to go on but its so unprofesional on her part and so hurtful on yours kind regards joyce


Thanks u all so very much I no deep down I can't let her treat someone else like that, think that's wat is upsetting the most , not wat she did to me but the fact that she must be doin the same to others . I will do it. Thanks it's so helpful talkin to people who understand and no exactly how I feel. Take care Michelle


Yes, I agree, write a letter of complaint.

Thankfully one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch.

Julie xx


Hi kilts sorry to hear you had such a bad time in hospital, yes I would agree she meeds to be reported how long will it be before soneone suffers worse than you did I'm not sayingg you didn't suffer under her care and I use the turkm loosly but as you sauy you had a fast heart rate what if the next person has the same problem or a seriously slow heart rate and they then haave a heart attack it is a very scary thought.

I hope you are feeling better now here are some biiiiiiig gentle hugs to help you through your day. Sithy


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