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sleeping for days

from when i got up on friday morining the fatigue was still there, i slept on and off all day.... it continued till sunday night sleeping all through sat. then sunday night came after sleeping all day and i did not sleep a wink last night, why does this do this to us, my husband was weekend off, he only gets one in 5 and i was gutted i could not spend time with him, anybody know why this happens??? it sure brings u down as today although i dont feel so fatigued as i did, i am still very tired today... i then start thinking, wish i was not here anymore, what kind of life is this for me and my family....i could scream ok i will aaaaaaaaaaagggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... lol x

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hi diane, unfortunately fibro has flare ups on top of the daily syptoms we suffer with and it can manifest itself in a number of different ways. it could be that youre body just needed the extra time to rest. it is tuff on our families and i understand how disapointed you are at missing the weekend spent with your hubby. i know its hard to remain upbeat but its only makes us worse if we get too upset. i think we all get moments when we think is it worth being here.... but i think it would be harder on our families if we weren't and maybe when youre feeling able you can make a quick and easy supper for your hubby to show him how special and loved he is i'm sure he will love it : )

hugs poppy xx


Aww Dianne it would not be better for your family if you wern't here hun. Think back to when you were a child and wouldn't you have prefered a sleeping mum than one you would never see again? I've been asleep for days at a time and it is so frustrating not being able to plan anything. What medicaton are you on? This sometimes has an effect on your sleeping patern so ak your GP if your meds can be changed. I take Tramadol with Pregabalin and I seemed to sleep a lot with these but didn't want to stop them as they eased my pain. I was refered to Pain management and was given a med called Duloxetine and also vit D as I was found to be lacking. I'm still on the Tramadol and Pregabalin but since taking the new med and the vit D I've had so much more energy. I hope this helps Dianne as I know how you feel missing out on the family while you sleep. Just try to take everyday as it comes and explain to your family that this tiredness won't last forever and to just bare with you till it passes.

Good luck hun, I hope things start looking up for you and wish you many happy, energy-filled days.


Estelle x


am really sorry to hear how you feel,i put a comment on here before and just removed it as i too felt bad like you i sleep all the time at to mo,how ever i think some time we are going to feel like this when its bad !but after being on this site we must keep going as we will have days when we will be up and about more !hugs xxx..bloody well hope so or i will end up with a flat head lolxxx


I have spent days and days in bed except for trips to the loo. and whne friends come by I am sure thay thuink i amthe most idle woman in the worldbut there is no way i can get up as i have no energy so ijust lay there feeling even worse....


I do this too, once I woke up to find my nephew and brother in law in my bedroom. They had let themselves into the house as I hadn't answered my phone for a couple of days and they were worried. I felt such a fool.


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