Fibro has slipped into the background for a while

My fibro has taken a back seat for a while basically because I am dealing with something else. I had a painful right heel last week and I must admit I put the pain down to fibro. How wrong I was as I felt something pop in my heel whilst walking and actually felt my leg drop down on Wednesday. I saw the GP Friday, still partly blaming the fibro and expecting him to confirm it. It turns out I have popped the plantar fascia in the heel, hence feeling the leg drop. I had two choices, plastercast for four weeks, or pad the arch of the foot out and strap up. So I opted for the latter. Now I know how painful this is right now, but I think the pain is made worse by the fibro basically because the imbalance in the brain exacerbates the perception of pain, and makes the pain seems worse. So that is me even less mobile while this heels up. As if lack of mobility with fibro is not enough!

Luv ya all ta bitz


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  • Ooh, that sounds nasty OG! I'm sure, as you say, the Fibro won't help. I hope you have somebody to look after you while you try to rest your bad foot! Look after the rest of you!! Jane x

  • Hi Jane

    my foot is the perfect excuse to sit here and reply to posts. But it really is painful. I have hubby and daughter here. Hubby is fab but daughter is as much use as a chocolate teapot. I do not mean that in a bad way but she is ill herself with all the kidney stones etc and her own life ling illness. But bless her she does try. My main problem is trying to get upstairs as it pulls the foot too much. So I have just been putting things that need to go up on the stairs and they take them up for me on their travels. I could have done without it as you know fibro slows you down enough in its own right. But hey ho, something else to add to the list. My left foot is straining now with having a bad limp so I am getting the same pain in that one as I had before this one popped. Do you think I should go practice my crawling skills lol xxxxx

  • I have had plantar fasciitis for months now, even had steroid injections but nothing helps, it started off like yours but I didn't seek medical advise at the beginning. Now I can't walk after about 4pm. It gets worse as the day goes on. I hope your's clears up quicker than mine. Rest to start and then it's exercises for the foot, one is rolling a small bottle of iced water under your foot, that only works until your foot warms up, but I keep trying. Good luck.

  • Still trying to cath up with past posts, sorry. Maybe if I had gone into a cast it might have been okay, but something ripped in the back of the heel New Years eve and it is worse than ever now. Orthopaedic consultant surgeon appointment 15th xxxxx

  • Ouchie Ozzy! No wonder it took your mind off your Fibro, my goodness! Without a doubt this heel pain has escalated your Fibro pain too, this generally happens when another part of us is injured, it tends to set off our symptoms.

    Take it easy, rest and I hope you feel more comfort very soon. (((hugs))) xxx

  • Nope lol. tore back of heel New years eve, made it all tens times worse, seeing orthopaedic surgeon 15th xxxx(see where stubborness gets up hun)

  • Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear this but I have to send you a huge hug and thanks for sharing, as this opened up other replies with similar and I have just learned something new... You see my darling son has been diagnosed with this and is really suffering so will try the bottle of iced water, he is awaiting to see a specialist as a couple of other things going on with his knees too and he is only young. ... we are a sorrowful pair at the moment.. we are hobble hobbits... giggle.!!!

    But thank you to you all and hope the pain eases soon. xxx

  • Sorry for delays in replying. Hobble hobbits, I just love it. Tore back of heel NY eve, seeing orthopaedic surgeon 15th xxxxx

  • Ouch, you poor love. I have plantar fasciitis which came on after my back op because i now walk upright. I wear special insoles in all my shoes including my slippers. Nearly a year down the line and the pain is a lot better. The worse time is first thing in the morning.

    Rest and I hope you feel better soon.

    Big Piggie hugs xxxxxxx

  • I hate just gettin gup and trying to bear wieght on it. Have gnored it for so long and just got on with it, you know, leave it alone and it will be fine. Only it isn't, tore back of the heel NY eve, orthopaedic surgen 15th. We NEVER learn xxxxx

  • Morning Ozzy what rotten luck but at least you did not go for the plaster cast that would have ben more dreadful and heavy. Still it sounds absolutely horrid do take it very easy and if going up stairs is a nightmare stay on the coach just for a while till it eases off.

    Do hope you are not in to much extra agony gentle hugs ((((((((((())))))))))))))) xgins

  • I would love to stay on the coauch lol but daughter is hogging it at present. We people have bottoms and I am sure I can make use of it going up and down the stairs lol. It might flatten out some of this cellulite too xxxxx

  • Wishing I had gone for plastercast lol. Stopped strapping up after a fewq days, got worse and worse. Tore back of heel NY eve, seeing orthopaedic surgeon 15th. xxxxx

  • I too have had plantar faciitis. At the time I was recommended to buy a particular type of shoes( the ones with the little crocodile on them) by a nurse. I did get some and don't suffer with it any longer. Wishing all of you better:)

  • Thank you all so much for your replies. Today I have added to the padding on the arch and I cannot say I have noticed much difference as yet. I was crying with the pain lastnight, the Amitriptyline did not have a cat in hells chance of working. But here I am doing everything I have been told not to do. I sit down as told but then remember something that needs doing and I am off again lol. Now I am going to sit for a while and see how it goes xxxxx

  • Hi ozzygirl64 sorry to hear about your sore heal & having plantar facitis. I have had the same platar facitis and can sympathies with the dreadful pain you are in, hope you rest and take it easy till things ease a bit....take care & gentle hugs.

  • I cannot believ just how bad the pain is, after a few days I stopped strapping it up and it just got owrse. NY eve I tore the back of the heeel, orthopaedic surgeoin 15th xxxxx

  • Ouch, that had to hurt Ozzy, I hope it heals quickly



  • Thankyou all so far. I have added extra padding to the arch again today, but I felt something in the middle of the sole 'rip' as I went up the stairs before lol. I am my own worst enemy xxxxx

  • Ozzy you sound like your own worst enemy. Rest for goodness sake. I will telll you something that I do find helps. When you get up after sitting for a while (not that it sounds like you do this often enough) You can get a freeze spray from most chemists. Spray it in the tender point before getting up, give it a minute and that should ease the pain. Alternatively roll a bottle of frozen water under your foot until it numbs it. I have found this helps but only for a short time. Shoes or boots that support the arch rather than flats help too. If all else fails they can give you a steriod injection, it does help for some but often takes several weeks. Hope this helps, and dont forget, sit down and rest. x

  • Thanks hun. I have been out and about today, had a carers meeting to discuss what help I could get for daughter. I went to where the place was only to find it was no longer there. Someone sent me back to where I had gotten off the bus only to be told it was the other way. I had gotten an earlier bus and arrived with 40 minutes to spare, by the time I found the place I only had 10 minutes in which to tidy myself up and catch my breath before going in. Then I had the walk back to get the bus home again. So my foot is screaming at me. Going to try the bottle in a bit if I can. Whatever tore in the centre of my foot now feels like it is being ripped apart each time I move my foot in any direction. But needs must, things for my daughter come before me and hubby every time xxxxx

  • I have been having trouble with planter for a while which has worsened the last week. Today I was walking and my leg gave way on the kerb. It is now unbearable to put my foot down. I know if I could actually get an appointment I probably wouldn't get anything done. Just get told its my fibro!

  • Well hun, you should get it seen to. On New Years Eve I was going to coolect some catheters for my daughter when something ripped in my heel again. I have done even more damage now as I should have gone into a cast back in November. Anyway I have an appointment with orthopaedic consultant surgeon on 15th, so hopefully I will have abetter idea of what is going on. Go to your GP and tell him/her of the heel pain and if you felt it pop, then say so. They have to take you seriously. Do not let them put it down to the fibro. Because of my own stupidity I could end up needing and op and a cast now anyway. But I am hoping it may only warrant injections in the heel, but I won't hold my breath. Hubby is makingme rest but I am about to do 6 hobbly steps to the kettle and back again. If he does not hear me I will be fine lol. Get it sorted hun xxxxx

  • Thanks Ozzy. I saw my physio on the off chance she may help. I've been given crutches and have an appointment on tuesday at physio. They're helping ease the pain in my foot but my hip is killing me! lol. Can't win! Enjoy your cuppa. xx

  • I did enjoy it but made hubby come out for his own cuppa so as I had only hobble across the kitchen he was fine about it, I have to move because of the fibro. I am so glad you saw physio, sometimes mentioning it to someone else does the trick. The one thing I am dreading is being put on crutches as my grip is awful xxxxx

  • If you get the chance Ozzy go for the steroid injection. I had mine and it was so painful I thought I was gonna go through the ceiling and it got worse after, but now a few months on it's better, it gradually got better but took about 6 to 8 weeks to start, just praying it doesn't come back. I've also had the steriod injection in my hip for bursitis, again it took weeks to work and although it's not better 100%, I take co dydramol to ease any pain left at night so I can get a few hours sleep.

  • GP said if I am lucky I will get away with having the injections, IF I am lucky. He thinks I have done a fair bit of damage, but he know I won't go off to A&E. I see too much of hospitals as it is with my daughter, so I avoid them. But I think all of us fibromites are cut from the same cloth, we tend to try and put our own health on the back burners if we can. But the one thing that is annoying me is the constant crack crack cracking sound everytime I take a step. But dealing with that now, trying to walk in time to Ozzy songs lol. xxxxx

  • Awww bless you, i hope it gets sorted soon. Use a stick to take the weight off and grab whatever help you can. Gentle hugs x

  • Awww bless you, i hope it gets sorted soon. Use a stick to take the weight off and grab whatever help you can. Gentle hugs x

  • My internet keeps freezing. This BT infinity appears to be a total waste of time and money tongiht. If it cuts it is supposed to get right back on, like heck, it gets on and everything freezes. I guess it has fibro! Mother in law offers me her stick but her back went yestereday, she has Akylosin spondiwatsit and she bent down and she said she felt something crunch xxxxx

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