Ive just seen a tv advert for a new yoghurt but cant remember what its called but have only just watched it (damn you fibro fog lol) and its supposed to give you your full daily vitamin D and calcium! Sounds like that may be worth a try as like many fibromites my vit D level is way too low but no one knows why this is as far as i know. What has low vit D levels got to do with going to google it and try this new yoghurt i think.....abyone else going to give it a go? xx

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  • Yoplait make it but can't remember the product name xx

  • I've seen the advert too but I can't remember the name of it either lol

  • It sounds much nicer than supplements and injections but I wonder if their claims can be believed? I think I shall stick to my doctors advice and continue with the medication for now and would advise everybody else to do the same. I don't suppose it would hurt to have the yoghurt as well though...I love the stuff anyway! Have a nice weekend everybody. Jane x

  • i thought about trying them but i really don't like yoghurt so probably won't , oh my goodness it is 2 15 i had better go to bed x

  • I take calcichew tablets which are pleasant to chew and are calcium with vitamin d.

    I hate yoghurt!


  • hi its called calin + i

  • Yes it is called Calin+, I was thinking of trying it myself but was unsure as my D levels were okay when last checked. Youcan be the guinea pig lol and tell us what it is like xxxxx

  • Hi,

    I have tried the vanilla flavour, not bad. Yet to try the strawberry ones. Won't be buyung them again though as they are quite high in sugar and I have type 2 diabetes.

    Lynne x

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