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I'm new here!

Hey everyone, I was diagnosed with Fibro last year. I also have arthritis in my shoulders, back and hips, I'm waiting to see a Senior Physiotherapist who will decide whether to send me to a Rheumatologist or not! I live with my 3 kids age 11, 14 & 19. Apart from the pain one of the worst things for me is that I just can't sleep, I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of hours sleep I have had in the last week. I did try amytriptiline but that didn't help and I do not want to use sleeping tablets either, so I'm always tired! I'm on a vit d/calcium supplement as my levels are too low. I'm glad I found this site as no-one appreciates what we are going through like another sufferer. x

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Hi BlondeHippy it is nice to know we are not alone! they are a friendly bunch here and good at answering questions too. :)


Hi Jules, nice to meet you too!

I've been seeing three different Physio's for my shoulders, hips and back and I complained to my GP that I wanted to be treated as a whole person, he said he would email someone and get back to me! In the meantime I went back to see the Physio again about my back and I complained that I was not being treated properly for the Fibro and she agreed and said she would speak to the Senior Physio and see if she wanted to assess me herself first or would refer me straight to the Rheumatologist, well apparently she has decided to see me herself before referring me! In the meantime I have a TENS machine on loan but it doesn't help like tramadol and codeine! I have crippling lower back pain when I wake up every morning which gradually eases off during the day but is made worse by standing or sitting for too long. Hopefully I will get the appointment soon and she will send me to the Rheumatologist. X


Welcome to the group BlondeHippy

I hope you find it as friendly here as I do, it's great to be able to share experiences with fellow suffers. We are able to leave the 'happy masks' on the shelf & just be ourselves in here.

I look forward to chatting soon

Jane x


Hi well your in good company on here we can all sympathise with you whatever sympton you may have here will aleays be someone who can relate to you and give you some advice. welcome anyway and hope you get alot out of this site love Diddle x


Hi and welcome from me too!!! Its a lovely friendly group - and we all share what we can.

Look forward to getting to know you x


hi hun and welcome you will have all the suport that you need there is always someone there no mater the time orf day :)


Hello blonde hippy, nice to meet you. :)

This site is excellent, there is always some good advice and sometimes just a good moan and most days its just good for a laugh. :)

We all have problems sleeping and that was one of my worst things as i just cant function if i dont get sleep, I take amitriplyn and so far so good for me.

Hope you find something for you to sleep soon.

kel xxx


Welcome to the group. Lately I've been tensing and relaxing muscles in bed and haven't had the involuntary spasms and been sleeping a bit better, or at least getting off to sleep. I have the same arthritis as well and am carer for mum with dementia. Now I doze when she does, which helps. Some days it is hard to look after others when we need looking after ourselves but the can provide a distraction. Yesterday Mum managed to open the washing machine door, while it was full of water! 'Awash' is the word for the kitchen!love a d gentle hugs. Eini x


hello .. and welcome x i hope you feel a little more among people who understand . big smiles and soft huggs


Aw :) thanks everybody, I don't feel so alone now :D xxx


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