Please can somebody jog my memory,I remember reading about certain vitamins in fibro that we need,is it B12 and vit D?is there anything else i need to be tested for?as next time I see my Doc I wanted to ask him to test me for them,he is my new Doc and new surgery so he doesn't realy know at what stage we were at with my last Doc,to be honest he is very nice but I get the feeling he doesn't know to mutch about fibro,it seems to be me telling him stuff!..x

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  • Vit d, b12 iron and zinc possibly x

  • thanks for the link - interesting reading.

    I would add CoQ10 to the mix.


  • I was found to have no vitamin d In my system ... To the point where the consultant called me personally. I've never had b12 tested to my knowledge. Vit d deficiency caused me simply excruciating hip pain for 3 years. It's now back to fibro levels which are not great but better than that. I also get the sensation of having shin splints which has never gone away. I'm due for a retest next week after 6 months of 600% rda vitamin d daily (although I was crap at remembering to take them!) hope that helps a bit :-)

  • Didnt realise this so interesting to read

  • I was also severely vit d defficient and now have to take every day ....I had what I can only describe as bone pain for a long time before I went to the docs...

  • My last B12 was extremely low so I was on stuff for a year, it seems fine now though. I just buy some multivits, normally shops own brand and I take those, would not say they make much difference though. I may stop taking them after the New Year and see if I notice any change on a downside.

  • Hi, I had asked in July to get my vitD checked and they also checked by iron etc. VitD was fine but it came back that my B12 was low and got it checked again end of Sept and I got a phone call from the docs to go and see them as it had went down and i am now taking B12 tablets. Also my mum had seen something about a magnesium as it can be low in people with fm so it might be worth asking about it too (seemingly it can come in a spray).

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • Thanks everyone for your replies,I will deffinately speak to my Doc about having some tests done,I'm pretty sure I'm lacking in something..x

  • if you're taking vit d, you need to make sure you're getting magnesium too, because if you don't have enough magnesium in your system, your body simply won't absorb the vit d, no matter how much you take.

    i take a multi vit which contains magnesium, in the form of the dissolvable tabs, and have that at the same time as i have my iron and vit d.

  • Please have a word with your GP's before taking any supplement. Some supplements seem harmless but can actually become toxic and have potentially dangerous side effects especially when taken with some medications. (eg. St.John's Wort )

    Please check before starting to take extra vitamins, or any other supplement to make sure it's safe to take in conjunction with your current meds. :)

  • It is very important that everyone with Fibro symptoms is tested for vitamin D deficiency, because the symptoms of this are similar to Fibro so can either be masked by the Fibro or can be mis-diagnosed AS Fibro.

    There is increasing acceptance of the concept that sub-optimal levels of vitamin D are widespread in the western world at these latitudes, but we're still hearing that many people with Fibro are not being checked. Vitamin D generally is not taken seriously enough at primary care level - for example, the NHS Guidelines for pregnant and breastfeeding women and new babies have said for some time that ALL pregnant and breastfeeding women should take a Vit D supplement and that new babies should have a Vit D supplement from 6 months (or 1 month if the mother did not supplement during pregnancy) but many women in this situation are not made aware of this despite it being hugely important.

    Personally, I get my levels rechecked whenever I flare or feel run down, particularly if this coincides with the winter (you cannot get vitamin D from the sun Nov-Mar in the UK as UV levels are not high enough).

  • Thanks for all your replies,its very interesting to see how many people need to be taking B12 and vit D,this is something I will deffinately be talking to my doc about on next visit,I've not been offered any of these tests,I wouldn't go and get anything myself from the health shops incase it causes any probs,looks like you've all needed to take something,I'm having a realy bad flare up at the moment,both fibro and arthritis playing up,it's been going on for weeks,its even worse now I'm back at work,feeling realy run down with it so I'm sure I need to be taking something,there seems to be no end to this pain and exhaustion!..x

  • Omega 3 seems to be the latest cure all, but certainly if your diet diet does not contain 2 or 3 portions of oily fish a week,then it might be worth considering

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