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Dream or disaster??

So to cut a long story short we lost our dog at the beginning of the year.Me,my girls and hubby were all devastated as you can imagine.

Tonight I am meeting a Weimaraner who a friend is rehoming due to her mega long work days and marriage breakdown.

The dog is great with kids,calm in the house and all you could want in a dog,but here comes the BUT.

Hubby is not keen as my Fibro/arthritis has been awful this last year,my argument is that I am putting even more weight on and am not exercising at all,whereas with my previous dog even with pain I made myself walk him.

So tonight is crunch time,big decisions to be made!

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I totally understand where you're coming from Raemomma. I took on a cheeky young doggie that a family member couldn't keep. She'd rescued him from someone else in her family who wasn't looking after him properly, but she already had a dog of her own & with the 2 of them together they would chase each other, bark & rough play all day long, so her house became total bedlam! So i happily took him on, coz i was extremely low after having to give up my job quite a while before, due to all the health probs, & I'd also had a miscarriage too, so i thought a dog would be great company for me while hubby was at work & would force me to go out for walks, as you said whether in pain or not, especially as i live in a flat, so i had to take him out to do his business. After about 6mths of having my cheeky Alfie, i fell pregnant all went well & i had a little boy, but then the depression set in really badly & i got quite ill with other health issues too, so ended up all of us went to stay at my parents house for a cpl of mths until things improved a bit. Alfie loved it there, coz they've got a lovely big house & a lovely big garden too! Anyway i ended up realising that i really couldn't take Alfie home with me, coz i wouldn't be able to cope with newborn baby & having to take Alfie out on the lead to the garden to the toilet & take him for walks as well, i just wasn't physically up to it or even mentally either. Plus he was really happy at my parents & my mum & him adore one another anyway! So it broke my heart, but i had to give him up, but at least i still get to see him regularly to have cuddles & play in the garden! But i'm absolutely itching to have another dog now that my lil boy is 3 & a half & he'll be going to school next September, so it will be a lot easier for me again, plus i don't intend to have anymore children now, not because i don't want anymore, but due to the depression & health probs i had after having my boy, so having a doggie would be my substitute! I say if you think you can manage the majority of the walking, then you should go for it, because i think having a dog is fabulous therapy. Let us know what you decide to do!Sorry for totally rambling on!!!

Take care, Georgina xx


Weimaraner's are my favourite breed of dogs along with labradors. From a personal point of view though I know exactly where your coming from as I/we lost our lab in August and after 17 years I was devastated. The thing with Weimaraner's is they do need to be walked a lot, when I had mine he could be walked for hours and then after being home for a short time he'd want to go again, he also used to run around like a lune and knock me off my feet. I now have a small dog that if I can't walk him he can just run around the garden until he's had enough...If I was well and it was me i'd take the dog in a minute but with fibro being so dibilitating its a hard decision, but if you feel you could manage the walks then go for it, good luck...Rachel xxx


Thanks for your comments,I really feel that the dog will be great for all of us and I do need to get out and about it does help with the depression.I am lucky to live in a semi rural area so five mins down the path is woodland and fields that he can knock himself out in.

I just need really to see him with the children and see how calm he is in the house.

Will keep you posted and thanks :) xx


Hi, I also know where your coming from. I've had my Tara for 9 and a half years and I dred the day when anything happens and she's no longer with me. The walks are a nightmare though and my Dad now helps out a lot.

The decision is yours though. Pets are good for us I think. It's well known that stroking a pet is the best stress reliever known.

I hope you can make the decision that is right for you :)


We aim to help with all queries and this is no exception, here we go with some info on Weimaraner Dogs lol -

Interesting section here on exercise to bear in mind with having Fibro -

"These are powerful working dogs with great stamina. They need to be taken for a daily, long walk or jog. In addition, they need plenty of opportunities to run free. Do not exercise them after meals. It is best to feed a dog after a long walk, as soon as they cool down."

I personally couldn't imagine life without our two little Jack Russells, they are so affectionate, don't need walking for miles and are such a comfort when stuck in the house for days with Fibro. Looking at their little faces always brightens my day.

Perhaps it's not a question about having a dog, but what breed perhaps! Is a large dog really a good idea with Fibro?! A bigger dog usually means more demands. Something to bear in mind certainly. :)


I would say do it! I am an absolute dog lover and i am sure you can offer this beautiful dog the loving home it so deserves i have 2 Labradors they are everything to me and keep me going instead of giving up Take care and good luck Della xxx


We have always had dogs, the longest we went without one was four years. But we missed having a dog around the house so we relented and got our daughter a Labrador. He will be 4 in April and he can be a total handful at times, he just wants to play, play and play, no time for sleeping. He is hard work at times and right now we are saying 'no more dogs', but whether that holds well who knows xxxxx


I think you should definitely get a dog. They are great company and an excuse to get you out and about. However, I would not have this dog, he's going to be too much for you to cope with. Have something smaller an more manageable. I have a ShihTzu and she's fab. She's 9 now, with a heart condition, so she doesn't need too much exercise although she loves being out and about. Have a dog, but one that suits your needs better. xxxx


We always had a cat and a dog in the house when I was a kid. I've had a couple of dogs since I was an adult too but these days I share my home with a rather stupid cat. I have to admit I giggled when I read the comment about a dog knocking himself out in the woods as my cat runs around my flat like an idiot every now and then and sometimes misses the doorway and runs full-tilt and face first into the wall instead - even gave himself a nosebleed once!


I think a Weinmaraner would be too much for you personally. If you want to rescue a dog look on the pre loved web site. I totally understand where you are coming from and losing a dog is devastating, but there is such joy in sharing your life with pets, so we set ourselves up for the grief over and over again. We lost two of our dogs not so long ago, both to illness. Then 8 weeks ago (as our ruby wedding presents to each other) we bought a Cockerpoo puppy. He has brought us such joy, love and laughter. I would say to any dog lover, if you want an affectionate, loving, crazy, intelligent, funny dog, get a cockerpoo. They are wonderful. happy to walk, happy tonstay in if it's a bad day, either weather wise, or if you are sick. Win, win. They do need grooming lots tho,


they are wonderful dogs, but just my own personal opinion I'd say they would be too large a breed to manage. it's not just the walking that's involved. I love my dog to bits, she is a rescue dog from the RSPCA, but although we have had her 8 years now there are times I have thought we did the wrong thing. I'm unable to walk her and often oh's shifts mean he can't, luckily she is only small and the garden is a fair size, but it still makes me feel guilty that she doesn't go out enough. one thing though, she give 100% love and more and in return never asks for much. i also have never met a dog that loves to be cuddled so much! we don't think she ad much love before we got her. she is snuggled up with me on the bed right now :)


Hi there I would definitely think about the breed of dog you will be taking on,I'm sure you know this already. I have four dogs all different breeds. My medium size dog is a whippet lurcher,she needs a fair amount of walking every day in all weathers,I do have some behavioural problems with her brought on by my illness I think. Dogs can take on our emotions. My three little dogs are a lot easier,I have a pug,a chihuahua and a patterdale terrier cross. They don't always want to go out especially if its raining. Getting out every day is very good for me with the pain and depression but if I had a choice I wouldn't have a dog with higher energy than me. I got Bambi (whippet lurcher)from rescue before I got unwell and I wouldn't pick her breed now knowing what I know. Another thing to look into is the health problems of weineramas I know a few people who have had them and they are a breed susceptible to many health probs. anyway just thought I would give my view as an avid dog lover :)


Hey there :)

If you didn't already get the vimmy, then I'm gonna put my dog trainer hat on (38 years long) as well as my fibro one.

A dog is a great animal to have - hey - I have 6. But you need to think very hard about whether this dog is the right breed for you. I say this in terms of WEIGHT as the behaviour of your dog could be great, but his/her capacity to cause you significant pain due to weight if pulling or crashing/bumping into you needs to be borne in mind.

Hope you don't mind me weighing in x x x

Spirit :)


I do appreciate all your comments and am pretty sure that he may not be the dog for me,very strong on the lead and pulls like a train! He is lovely but cocks a deaf one with his owner so may well be too much for me although I have always had large dogs (german shepherds).

I am going to see him again at the weekend with my children just for a visit and to make my final decision.

I so want a dog again but there is just a gut feeling that maybe this one is wrong :(

Your comments have just backed up my little nagging voice.

Thanks all you have been great xx


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