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To cook......or not to cook

I used to love the cooking and baking nice fresh cakes

Now I spend my time watching what my hubby makes

We bought a nice new cooker with a shiny black glass top

But when in on my own now it's a ready meal from the shop.

I used to make the nicest things we classed them as our treat

But now I sit right here in pain with my butt upon the seat

I used to carry proudly what I had made in both my hands

And now these days I struggle just lifting up the pans.

And while I like to agree my hubby cooks so nice

When I try I burn myself so then I pay the price

My pride and joy was my oven at that time I would spend

But nowadays I have to say it takes all my time to bend.

So now I have the microwave I used it once whoop whoop

But when I cooked the other day I blew up the ruddy soup

What a mess and sad to say I really got it wrong

I think hitting the wrong time I cooked it far too long.

Veggies splattered everywhere on each and every wall

And as I try to clean it up the veg it starts to fall

So out comes hubby, daughter, and my doggie lags behind

They roll their eyes and laugh out loud at the mess they all find.

I do my best I really do but sometimes it aint right

And they are trying to help me out, trying as they might

I now I feel so useless as try to be the loving wife

And everytime I try to cook I,m playing with my life.

Just the other day I was left in charge of frozen chips

As I bent to put them in they fell from my finger tips

As simple thing I was asked to do while hubby fixed the light

He came to see what I had done and saw a sorry sight.

Frozen chips upon the floor, looked like a mountain top

And that was the last of them so he set off to the shop

He told me I should back off he'd see to it himself

So here was Lin alone again sat on the Fibro shelf.

So when it's time for cooking I wonder what to do

Should I offer up my help or leave it all to you

Hubby says it pizza, hmm the last I did was burnt

So as it goes for timers he says I haven't really learnt.

I sit here feeling helpless while hubby does my work

He says I should see it as a break, maybe a fibro quirk

So now I ask the question, to cook....or not to cook

And I decide to have that break and not even take a look.

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Brilliant xx


Thankyou, I am just recovering froma milky shower xxxxx


You sum it all up so well in verse :)

I also sense how sad it makes you that life is such a challenge sometimes to do this stuff you may once have taken for granted.

Your family sound so good. I am lucky too and get support from mine (most of the time) when I need it :)

Ready meals are a great invention and save a lot of hassle on those bad days.

Love the poetry




Verse is the only way I know how to get my point across. I struggle to get words out as do most fibromites, but if I try to put things in simple terms it never sunds right xxxxx


This one's quite sad Ozzy, I can so relate to it! I love baking and all forms of cooking and I still cook all our meals from scratch with no processed foods or additives. I chop all my fresh vegetables every night, but the difference is these days that it takes so much energy and it's become a chore.

We are having a big range cooker delivered next weekend as it's always been my dream to have one with 6 gas rings and a big central wok gas ring, plus two gas cookers! The difference is these days I am quite scared at the prospect of living up to it lol! I wouldn't have thought anything of it before Fibro! Darn Fibro changes everything doesn't it, even our hobbies and interests. I am determined to enjoy my new cooker and refuse to let Fibro ruin my love of baking etc - watch this space lol! ;)


I am so glad I was having a pj day after the palaver I have just had with the milk and my dog is not talking to me right now. Sad as he is my baby, my daughters dog but my baby. I think as far as cooking goes I will try to do bits here and there and one of the things I really miss is peeling veg, especially potatoes. We used to have competitions on who could peel spuds the fastest and I was champion lol, a big spud in about 8 seconds. i would have done well in the army kitchens eh. But now just peeling half a spud leaves me in so much pain I end up crying, Part through the severity of the pain and part through frustration. I also hate the fact I cannot prepare the veg for Xmas dinner anymore, if they left me to do it they would starve to death. I think back tot he time I ran a transport cafe single handed 5 days a week and then ran the evening veg shop for the same guy for a few hours. Back then would see me delivering sacks fo spuds to the locals, not by vehicle, but by carrying them on my shoulder from the shop to their front door. I know as we get older we can do less, but at 25-26 I was basically screwed. Sorry I am moaning on. But until finding this site I only had my family and my GP to turn to. Having the site serves so many good uses, venting, moaning, comparing notes, it is fab. I finally feel I can let go now xxxxx(have fun with that new cooker)


funny and moving.

I don't have a cooker any more. I have a halogen cooker which is great but am saving up for one with a hinged lid - I cooked a lovely ready roast meal and couldn't lift the lid off.




So many thing I miss dong but do not get me wrong, I do give it a go. Hubby is always near by, he either hears acrash bang or me swearing like a trooper. Then he knows it has gone wrong. But in trying I normally end up creating more work for everyone xxxxx(good luck getting that new halo cooker)


Again. Really excellent & eloquent expression. Bit of a sad one (although the part about the soup exploding, I have to say the thought of it is pretty funny :) usually it's the sort of thing you'd only see in adverts with baked beans - but you have the previledge of seeing it in real life :D)

I can't really cook. But when I put the toast in, taking it out it is so hot that I usually drop it on the floor and can up a stink - whereas before it wasn't a problem. I hate wasting food.

Enjoy your pj day. xx (Cana be bovvered we shel tommora..:( wish I could stay off. Sa real struggle.)


I like to take the bad things that make me swear and put them in a way that makes others laugh. I think it keeps me sane somehow lol xxxxx


Well you did a great job. :D I know what you mean. When I wrote a depressing blog about a week ago I made a few people laugh about the behaviour of year 12 girls in the loos.

Humour just tend to seep in I think. :) But it made me feel that a good went out of it and even I could see the funny side. Haha xx


Morning Ozzygirl loved the verse but you were very sad. I hope you enjoyed the supper cooked by OH .

I havenever been any good at poetry never learnt how to do it the rythm and stanzas etc so I will stick to mad blogs hugs to you this Monday morn (()) xgins


Mad blogs are good enough for me lol xxxxx


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