Cinderella evening

Woke up this morning really looking forward to a night out with friends and OH at the cinema to see Skyfall. Really pleased that only arms were hurting badly as I sooo wanted to go!

So, I venture to Tesco to get some spuds for dinner, as as I'm getting out the car, I twist awkardly and my back just goes. Not sure if I've twisted or pulled something, but in agaony and only just made it home. Spent the rest of the day on the sofa, and now they've all gone without me as I can't even stand up. Even the dog has gone into the other room!!

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  • Oh no you poor thing,how dissapointing!and even the dog has dissapeared!and how frustrating aswell,well I guess next time your going somewhere for the evening it may be best to stay in bed as long as you can and let everyone else do the shopping!I realy do hope you get better soon,look after yourself Hun.

    ((((((((((((Very very super soft hugs!))))))))))))))

  • Thank you pinkblossom, I think you may well be right. I've spent the last two weekends in agony doing nothing, so when I felt better yesteday morning, I was very pleased with myself - and I was very good and didn't do much yesterday. So much for pacing myself lol.

  • Aww Hun that's awful. I hate when you make plans and they turn sour. Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Oh no! I am so sorry that your lovely plans for the evening got ruined. Hopefully your OH will love the film so much he will want to go again once you are up and about. I do hope they left you with plenty of nice treats while they were gone. Take care and here's hoping you are back on your feet soon. Jane x

  • He left me wrapped in a duvet on the sofa with a hot water bottle and the tv remote, and a promise to buy the DVD for me when it comes out

  • Oh no! Hope you feel better soon and get to see the movie in the end

    Healing thoughts

    Storm x

  • Morning Jezobelle poor you what rotten luck we are certainly made to suffer. Soyou spent a quiet evening on the sofa having to watch TV what rotten luck. I hope it feels better today and if it has relaxed a bit go very slowly today and let it build its strength back up. But you know that sorry take care xgins

  • awwwww whhat a shame not to spend a few hours in the company of the delectable Daniel Craig.Im going to wait til the dvd comes out too as i get totally overwhelmed by fast moving action films in the cinema,i come out actually quite traumatised by all the noise and images! really hope your back improves soon xx

  • Thanks everyone... feeling a little better today, but have had the luxury of working from home. It was lovely not having to get up this morning until I felt good and ready! Stayed in bed until lunchtime with laptop and mobile...definitely the way to work. Only wish I could do it more often!

  • Oh no, after you were really looking forward to it too. I refuse to let myself look forward to anything anymore, that way I seem to be okay. I hope that back of yours heals soon xxxxx

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