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5am here I am again any one else ready for a giggle?

It is th 12th December we are getting nearer every day to Christmas Day. The advent calendar is showing stumbles across and peals back no 12 it is located across santas face- wow a charming little house, with billowy smoke rising from the chimney. It looks a very happy house one of those new toy town houses that you find on modern housing estates. "Little boxes made of ticky tacky" springs to mind.

Why am I up so early this morning well I have an old dog to blame she woke me at 3,00 4.00 and then 5.00 at which point I gave up got up and here I am. B...........y dog!

replaces smile :) a amusing little joke: Do you know why Boxers don't have sex before a fight?

I know you all know it but that is what the season to be jolly is all about - whimsical moments- nostalgia- compassion - humur - love even reconciliation sometimes oh I am off again the answer is:

they dont fancy each other ! and how could they with those big gloves on!

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A Fish (Not sure about thatone)

I am dissappearing now a little more batty than usual xgins

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Good morning, gins, I have no dog to blame on me being up this early, just usual the usual pain in the butt, ribs, shoulders, etc ................. xx. Have a good day.

Maggie B.


Morning to you too . Hope your day is reasonabe take care xgins


Good Morning Gins

What's going on? Two jokes? You're not planning a day off tomorrow are you?

Thanks for the early morning smiles.





lol, they are getting worse....but sad to say still funny : ) I usually get woken up by the dog but today it was the other half as he was cold ahhhh shame poor old crock and instead of turning the heating up he turned it off!! what a wholly!! so i ended up getting out of my bed to sort it out then was wide awake so stayed b....y hopeless... have a good day Gins...vikki xx


dont what we do with them and what we would do with out them :) xgins


THANKS Gins for making me smile take care beth x


most important to keep the smile muscles working:) xgins


Little boxes on the hillside ... Little boxes on gins bedside with little santas and pixies, reindheers all waiting to hop into your happy home as its full of exciting tales to tell , those choccy creations would much rather be going down your slide (throat) hahaha

I do not have an advent Calendar :-( so just tell me in total how many Calories in there so atleast i will not feel so bad about not getting one hehe xx

Hi ho hi ho its offf to wrk i go

I was meant to be at home! Booo xxxxx

Spk spooooon xxxxxxx


I do not have chocola in mine afraid just a picture! No chocy but OH brought me a Toblerone yum yum xgins


our children have advent calenders but they are home made material ones that i put things into.They have no idea that some of the things they have been given 2 year running. I rummaged in their toy boxes and found small things that fit. I also use stuff out of last years crackers. I love Christmas but am finding it hard to tolerate this year. With a 3yr old and a 5yr old its just too noisy,to bright and to smelly this year but i will carry on regardless.

Oh and the punchline to the fish joke is FSH(it has no I's) xxxx Lol


your children will love it and I wont tell them you are recycling - promise xgins


Hi Kaz sent me a message and she is sooo right my answer is wrong it isnt FISh its


how silly thanks Kaz xx

I am still chuckling


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