Acupuncture and stones and massage oh my, any good?

Hello my lovelies,I wondered if anyone had tried acupuncture with any success? Or the hot stone thingies(fibro fog can't remember the name,that's if I ever knew it in the first place!)

I have the fibro and an unspecified arthritis(don't get me started) and I just wondered if anything like this has helped.

Many thanks :)

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  • Acupuncture didn't, have never tried stones, massage does for about 3 days afterwards but I just couldn't afford to keep going every week...

    VG x

  • About 10 years ago I had very successful acupuncture which got me back to work after 14 months on sick leave. About 5 years ago, having become really ill again, I tried it again. Different practioner as we had moved house. Big fat nothing!!! So, my advise is, if you can afford it, try it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Good luck

    Kaz xx

  • I guess it is down to the individual plus the practitioner doing the treatment. I may well give it a go thanks both xx

  • Hi i had a p through the physio on nhs,and found it really good, so ask your doctor to refer you to a physio who can do this.Well worth ago, good luck

  • accup has helped its my second time,but i still need medication,has anyone had to start useing a mobility scooter as i find i cannot walk far and cold weather is affecting me but i still beleive accup has helped a bit, but theres no cure

  • I couldn't get through the day without my weekly acupuncture - I pay for it privately but it's worth every penny. The guy I go to is fantastic, but he has over 30 years experience and I wouldn't trust anyone else to touch me! Give it a go but don't expect an instant magic fix - it took a while before I found it worked, and he does vary the treatment each week depending on what I've been like. Because he offers other holistic medicines I get a mix and match, so sometimes he'll work on energy and other times the pain. Better than any meds the doctors offer.

  • Alternative treatments and therapies can be very variable, what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. It's all a bit trial and error, but great if it works. Always seek advice first if you have any concerns. :)

  • Acupuncture left me with little blood spots and did nothing else, best alternative Iv'e found is my TENS machine, also hot baths or showers seems to do good, I get time to get off to sleep; then I go jogging and even do a bit of cross country running, but then I wake up with enough aches and pains to believe that I had done a double marathon.;-)

    Take care and God bless you

  • I've had accupuncture and hot stones. The accupuncture was ok and the hot stones (which I had as part of a spa day courtesy of my lovely mother-in-law) were fab. The heat really penetrates in the muscles - wish I could have it done everyday.

  • Bowen may be another one to investigate. Again it can take a few treatments for the relief to manifest itself. As with any therapy be prepared for a flare up the first couple of sessions. After that you should notice real improvements.

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