does anyone experience frequent (and annoying) coughing? and other throat symptoms?

I've had a dry tickly cough for about 10 days and now I've got a really sore throat and productive cough. It is upper respiratory and I wondered if others get this regularly. this happens to me 3 or 4 times a year. I also seem to 'choke' often and wondered if this is fibro? I read somewhere that it is related - and wondered how others cope with this?

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  • Ive had a cough for about 7yrs, its nothing sinister, I dont smoke but it doesnt go, Ive got alot of mucus, i think mine could be my meds

  • yes i ve seen a lot of questions asking this ,if you search sore throat ,coughs ,and glands up ,there is previous answers to this hun x

  • yeah It goes hand in hand with the problems of swallowing. Its a nightmare isn't it.


  • Hi suzy, i also have a constant cough and sore throat all the time and the chokeing too is very scary, but i also have C.O.P.D and Asthma....... I use Difflam oral rinse prescribed by my GP, and this really helps gargle it, it soothes the throat and stops that tickle in the throat, which normally stops the coughing, hope this helps ..... love and gentle hugs xxx

  • Hi suzysparkle,

    I had this two years ago. I would have coughing fits where i would be sick. It was so embarrasing and the nurse tried to blame my asthma but i knew it wasnt. It went after a couple of months and i havent had it since. Proberbly another weird fibro symptom.

    hope you get some relief soon, hugs, kel xxx

  • i often get spells of an annoying cough which normally lasts up to 2-3 weeks at a time, and also very frequently have a sore throat, which of late has been worrying me, as i hadn't thought, until now,that it could be another sympton of fm.

  • I've had a constant cough for years but only get a sore throat if my sinuses are blocked - which I get on a regular basis - and worsened after I've had a bad cold or flu.

    The sore throat is caused by the mucus dripping down the back of my throat as I'm laying down in bed - and the build-up causes the irritation of sore throat. I never seem to be free of the cough. It can - and it does - get so bad I've woken up choking and unable to breathe. Not a pleasant experience at all!


    Carol x

  • Could reflux be an issue? Problems swallowing and a cough can be due to this.

    And having IBS or being on anti-inflammatory meds (like Ibuprofen) or dopamine-boosting meds (like Pramipexole) raises the chance of having reflux, so a lot of people with Fibro get that too.

  • Thank you everyone for your responses. It is really helpful to share your experiences. I don't have a problem with reflux that I've noticed and am only taking Gabapentin and citalopram at the moment. I'm just debating on whether it is worth seeing my GP?


  • I have a constant "frog in my throat" feeling and am always trying to get rid of it, I also cough quite a lot for no apparent reason. I (touch wood, touches head!) don't get many colds any more, but can be woken up at night coughing and then have to croak the "frog" in my throat away. Very frustrating, but thankfully no more than that. I have heard it's not uncommon with Fibromyalgia to be a bit croaky and have an intermittent cough. I don't know whether a link to our meds could be the culprit, I don't think it is. :) :)

  • Hi LibbyDe

    This sounds very much like my problem - it also hurts if I have to raise my voice - e.g. teen daughter driven me to distraction!!! I have been on gabapentin for another source of neuro pain for over 10 years, but only diagnosed wih fibro last month - and this is a fairly recent thing - 6- 8months (I think) so I agree - not due to gabapentin in anycase.

    Thanks for your reply.


  • another possible explanation given me by an ENT specialist was the muscus from sinuses drips down the throat on to the lungs and causes coughing especially when lying down. i get bouts of it and when it there i have the same thing coughing which sometimes leads to vomiting. horrible. :(

  • Just a quickie - if anyone has a sore throat and doesn't want to suck lozenges etc drink ice cold fizzy drinks. The cold fizzy liquid numbs your sore throat.Please note that the drinks must be fizzy or it doesn't work.

    Hope this helps.

    S x.

  • Yes It is really bad in the morning then goes away, very unpleasant.

  • Yes I had a really annoying cough a few months ago.It was due to Ramipril tab's I was taking for my blood pressure. had to stop taking them as the cough kept waking me up, disturbing my sleep even further.

  • Yep me too! I've had this annoying cough, tickle in the back of throat, constantly thirsty dry throat, not sore. GP says it's an asthma cough? I sing in a choir & sometimes it takes my voice away! Also have acid reflux, could be down to that......or good old fibro!

  • I get this as well, my Dr says it is symptom of Fibro!! I was hoping it wasn't and that it would go away as can be quite annoying to have to keep clearing my throat.

  • having read all comments on this question i am in tears with relief that for the last 2 years i havent been imagining all these symptoms and been fobbed of as nothing. now i think they must all b connected to the fibro. thank u

  • Hi, yes you are right it is both! I have had fibro for 14 years and I have reflux , I take PPI for the reflux, the coughing and dry throat started last june 2015, I have had spiro, now having a bronchoscopy but I am convinced nothing will be found, the dry coughing brought on by excessive drying down throat causes me to have sore stomach muscles, vile headaches and a dreadful taste in my mouth-probably couching up some gastric juice! I also get fatigue and interrupted sleep-as though the fibro doesn,t already give you this! IF I find anything suitable to combat the problem be sure I will let you out there know...

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