Early yes even for me early so that means I have been going since 3am

I have a problem today well started about 1 in morning terrible pain in ankle and toes and then dead leg well pins and needles it took me three hours to get out of bed. \Left leg has gone lower back numb right leg was fine in bed but up it is being ridiculous.

I suspect this is my lower back and the arthritis I wish it would go away I really need to be doing stuff today.

Okay that is it I shall try to move on now. Speak to you later guys xgins

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  • Morning gins, well I,m sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good this fine wet windy cold morning, I am imagining you stiffly stumbling round the house trying to get going like myself, except I am not wearing a leather helmet , googles and a white silk scarf, like biggles what ho!!!! I would have said Amelia aerheart but although she went missing I don't recall her ever flying into a sewage truck. Anyway am sending Jeeves over with a bottle of pimms and hope that should give you the boost needed for you to be trickerty boo and up in the old crate again. You might be needed to drop a care package over my house if the rain doesn't stop, though don't try and land in next doors garden as well as the lawn mange, which may be infectious they have built a very precarious DIY conservatory on the back and I wouldnt want you to clip it and knock it over on landing.

    Hoping you are feeling more like your normal self soon, or I shall send over my wheelchair instead, it very light weight and collapsible in fact as you get out of it it has an urge to fold itself up to save you the bother , unfortunately while you are often only half out of it

    VG x

  • you two should become a comedy act I love the banter between you two I always come off here smiling when I have read your blogs, despite you both hurting you always find time for some fun and laughter..thank you both.......hope you both feel better soon hugs to you both

    vikki xx

  • we are so pleased we make you smile :) would you rather have champagne or Pims? xgins

  • Morning Could you tell Jeeves I really do prefer Champagne it is a tonic you know :) You should get him to open a bottle no reason but it would be fun :) xgins

  • Will send the champers over now old bean, actually you don't have a choice I asked Jeeves to open the pimms and I drank it . Seems to work better than paracetamol.... Hmm wonder if I can get it on prescription. I won't let him open it until he gets to you , with all the rain it will be too watered down and now I since I lent James bond my Aston Martin Jeeves will be arriving on my mobility scooter in a rain cape...

    Chin chin

    VG x

  • Thank good ness you drank it I heartily pleased Cheers old Bean may we have many splendid exchanges of banter in the coming months. I was considering a Advent Calendar we could do alternate days or the same what ever what do you recon a joke a saying a phroverb or just us bantering about the usual calendar pictures you know you show me yours I will show you mine! tut tut we are off again :) xgins

  • Please please gins let's stick to the advent calender idea, much better than show and tell, the sight of mine may wreck your Christmas completely and certainly put you off your Christmas dinner,

    Now who is doing dec 1st and will either of us remember if we agree anyway

    VG x

  • Oh bugger I can't find mine or my sons advent calendar,,,, I shouldn't get organised too soon I knew something would go wrong. My OH has just turned up with some new Christmas tree lights ... Our tree is green ,.,, obviously ...with gold and silver ornaments so of course he has bought a pack of 160 all singing dancing and flashing multicoloured ones,,,, they should come with a health warning...

    Shuffles off to hunt for advent calendars again or should I take a break and strangle OH with lights....

    VG x

  • tree could have been white blue red gold I have seen some atrocious ones this year. My advent calendar is on fridge I always have one have done for ladt 58 years so cannot stop now.

    You kick the calendar off it should be amusing :) xgins

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