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Hot legs yes like an internal fire burning . sheets and covers too heavy so

Not very much sleep. The bandaged left leg did not help as I sleep when I can lying on my back on the right hand side of bed so in order to get leg out of covers I am un covered I suppose being too hot helped in a way oh rubbish it did not help I am now craby tired nd sore what delights does today hold - well the dogs were eating coal yesterday all over my nice hearth rug so I guess I better clean it,

I hope saturday is good for you all xgins

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Ohh gins i too could not sleep but mine was like a cramp nerve in side of my right leg the one am having issues with burst blood vessels, swollen ankles hot on/off bad varicose veins i have , blue soles of feet and heels , my feet get so uncomfortably painful to walk on now for months, but i had to sleep with trying to keep my foot on its side as slightest movement i hit through roof , tops of legs and calf. Xxx

Hope it eases off for you gins xx


I do hope you managed a resonable night it is now 5.30 and I am up drinking tea hope your feet are not too horrid xgins


Hi gins my problems nothing at side of yours and it seems to have gone .

Mine must of just wanted to play games for bed :-/

I so hope you can sleep soon ! Hows it doing today ? Xx


Oh dear. I hope that you are having an easy day and that you get a better nights sleep. Your poor leg must be very sore. Naughty doggies...coal dust is awful to clean up! Jane


Morning the dogs did make a mess but wow it looks good now - smells nice too - fortunately OH did the cleaning in the end with a lot of puffing xgins


Just recently I had a really bad cold (man flu really ;-P )and my sis told me of an old remedy for the sore throat I was suffering. a spoonful of each of vinegar, lemon juice and honey plus a small knob of butter, heat in a cup in the Microwave for about 20 secs then stir and sip before sleep. This gave me such a good night's sleep that I'm still taking it.

It may seem weird but if it aint broke don't fix it so while it helps me sleep I'll keep taking it.

It also aint chemicals but just natural ingredients.

Try it, what have you got to lose?


Cheers Bongo what a good idea a remedy to aid sleep THanks will have a go xgins


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