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Was doing well today.....until now

Wasn't feeling too bad today, managed to go visit my mum then upto my aunties, got back home an hour ago feeling totally exhausted and now am in bed with crippling lower back and leg pain, can hardly move, the pain is excruciating 😢 just part of this whole horrible thing I suppose

Anyway happy mothers day to everyone and hope youse are all doing ok today xxxxxx

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Hugs x


Thank you fernepea x


Just woke up after a visit by my noisy lot. They dont usually have that affect on me but i have the remnants of a nasty cough and suffering from overdoing it on friday.

So not at my best. :O

Sending hugs and hoping the flare soon passes. :P



Thank you sue, ohh hope your cough and that go away soon, I have also just woke up from my hour nap, I seem to have woke up very groggy and still very sore tho 😞 my meds aren't helping me much, back to the docs on Thursday so I will be asking for stronger painkillers

Hugs to u to 😃

Lyndsay x


Happy mum's day to all. We have ours in May. (US)

I'm sure you mother and aunt loved to see you and your visit made their day. A nice hot bath with bubbles or nice smelling bath salts sounds good to me.

A bit of clove and peppermint and/or some lavender and rosemary are good for inflamation and the lavender - could also use chamomile - is helpful for relaxation.

If you don't have essential oils, you can put the fresh or dried herbs into a tea infuser ball or two and let them steep.

I hope you are feeling better. Maybe a nice cup of tea would help you feel less groggy.


I genuinely and sincerely hope hat you feel better soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Happy mums day all.🌠🌹🌹.ours is May.(Canada).

Lindsay sorry


What happened... Oopsie I was saying sorry to hear you're in such pain. It seems like a a lot if ud are having a flare up..

Tonight my left leg is just tingling and so annoying me.part of it all I guess.

I hope you feel so comfort and relaxation real soon .

Clate hart if I wasn't so tired right now I'd love a nice bath in lavender.Sue I sure hope you feel much better from your coughing and cold...and a cup of tea sounds great..




Finally three part message I really got to sleep.💟



Thanks for the replies everyone 😃 I am feeling alot better today thankfully although I didn't get much sleep 😠 hope youse are all doing well today 😁


Sending you hugs.


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