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Fibromyalgia and Pin-prick sensation in feet?

I am under investigation with what looks like Fibromyalgia. I thought id got off lightly last month as the week before my period didnt produce the same level of agony in all my limbs. I had convinced myself it had gone away....wrong! Back with a vengence, i dont know which way round it is...A. I suffer from bad PMS which causes severe joint and muscle pain or B.I suffer from Fibro that is exacerbated by the fluctuation of by hormones when i near menstruation??

So for a week now i've had terrible joint and muscle pain like a personal trainer drags me out of bed in my sleep and makes me do a rigorous work out with no warm ups/down. Killer period pains today , and it hasnt even started properly..LOL!

But the last two nights i have woken up to a sensation like someone is pricking me with a needle/pin right in the middle of the sole of my foot...OUCH! Several times, it makes me jump, i rub my foot better then it does it again.

Now obviously im gonna tell my Dr. pronto but in the mean time i just wondered if anyone else is familiar with this, its very unpleasent!

I would really appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks.


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i get this, in both feet, sometimes when i'm walking, sometimes when i'm not. i assumed it was related to the plantar fasciitis, do you have that, by any chance?


I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over a year ago which i have suffered since i was 27, i get all the obvious symptoms, cronic tiredness, bowl troubles..joint aches, muscle aches etc etc...but the symptom i also have which i have never seen or heard anyone else suffering with.....When i laugh (something really tickles me) my legs and arms spasm and i collapse on the floor until i stop finding something funny. I call this illness the catch 22 cuz if im negtive i get cronic back and joint aches and if i laugh and enjoy myself i collapse. Oh the joys.


Goodness me Dan, that just about sums it up doesn't it! I can relate to all those symptoms!

The pin prick sensations you describe Anya are typical of Fibromyalgia, along with tingling, stinging, pricking, shooting type pains.

See the link taken from our main site at FibroAction which will describe these amongst other symptoms -


Oh you mean those pin prick sensations that feel like giants ants are taking chunks out of the bottom of your feet. I know what you mean. I get those and have done for years lol. Now if I get them the whole leg responds to it and dances all over the place. Sometimes I go weeks without it happening and then I get days of it xxxxx


Since posting that question i get the pin prick sensations daily!! God only know what triggers this condition??

Dan the collapsing when you laugh sounds like something that narcolepsy sufferers experience called cataplexy, a sudden loss of muscle tone caused by experiencing extreme emotion eg. laughing crying etc which can result in collapsing to the floor sometimes a brief loss of consciousness accompanies it .

But back to the pin pricks - feels like another way of my body convincing me i am crackers ..feeling even more things that arent really there....


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