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nerve pain followed by pale bruises


a few times now I've had sharp nerve like straining in either a hand or a foot which has usually been on and off for a few days and during that time I've noticed a small round bruise forming on either the top of the foot or the back of the hand respectively. It is usually between where the bones run and is so pale its almost hard to convince anyone its actually a bruise and not just a slight skin discolouration.

Two days ago walking home from work for about half a street or so I had this sharp, nerve like pain in the joint between my foot and big toe on my left foot, which felt like someone had jammed several pins into it. I occasionally get pain in both toe joints which need manipulation to sort out, but this pain felt very different and, like I mentioned, resolved itself shortly after. I have not had this pain again since, but this morning I woke to find an inch long discolouration at the base of my left big toe which looks like a three or four day old bruise.

I was wondering if this is normal or something I should get checked out. Since its a Saturday and I won't be able to see my GP till the start of next week I figured it was better to find out if its something which would need further investigation before I speak to my GP about it. So can anyone tell me what's up?

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Hi, ive had this happen to me. I get like an itch and then very sharp pain which only lasts till the brusing comes out. I think it a blood vessel bursting and at the time was taking ginkgo biloba. Once i had stopped this it stopped. Are you on theses? I didnt go to my GP but may-be i should have. Please let me know how you get on at GPs. Mai


I don't take anything, I'm hard core *pretends to be 'manly'*. Lol. Seriously though I don't take anything, I'm sensitive to most medications so my doctors and I have agreed its best to avoid them as much as possible, especially since they offer me no relief anyway.

However I did get this pain walking home from work, I work as a crew member for a fast food restaurant so I'm on my feet pretty much the whole shift (the exception being my break). So I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it.


I don't recall the nerve pain but I have been coming out in bruises for about a week now. Was thinking I should get the doctor to check it out.


Yes, do get this checked out. Lou xx


I am so sorry to read that, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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