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Fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis


I have a question

Do many people that have fibromyalgia suffer with plantar fasciitis?

Had this foot condition for about four months and it's getting worse, I follow an exercise regimen that I saw on you tube which does help a bit .

Help please xx Jane xx

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I have it. It's very painful difficult to weight bare at times.

I have it also Flares up now and again mine is under my feet all down and it's very uncomfortable

I don't no how to stop it or help I just put up with it and in a month or so it's gone again until the next time xx

Hi I did have it a couple of years back I got a support for it off eBay and it worked wonders haven't had it since

Hi there Janesara sorry you have this very painful condition. I have had it for many many years. It is not fibro related even though I am sure many may suffer with it. Mine is due to having flat feet. About 20 years ago when I had my first attack I spent 6 weeks with out been able to put my foot to the floor. My GP sent me the hospital to see a specialist. They took casts of my feet and I had to have Orthotics made for my shoes.

They are rather large and can only be worn with my trainers but the relief was instant once the arch of the foot had been lifted. I have to wear them every day or my feet are in agony.

So my advice would be get the best trainers you can afford and the best orthotics you can find to put inside them. The ones you buy are not as big and clumpy as the ones made by the hospital. That's if that service is still available. At the time I did try an injection in the foot but all it did was cause me more pain.

I think you may be better off having a word wtih your GP and see what they have on offer to help you. But to find relief you do need something to help lift the arch of your foot. I hope this helped a little xx


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I have made an appointment to see the doctor and see what she has to say. I have bought compression socks and orthotics from amazon and they bring a lot of releave but still having a lot of pain. Surprising how many people suffer with this painful condition, I'd never of heard about it before.

Thanks for your support.


i believe it does,I went to my GP when in couldnt walk on my foot-he referred me to a podiatrist-who provided insoles and told me of some exercises to do-stretching exercises and to roll your foot over a tennis ball helps.

this is one exercise i was told to do-stand with hands against a wall and stretch your legs out behind you,raise your heels up and down and stretch your calf muscles,hope that makes sens

hope that helps,see your gp and get a referral to a podiatrist

Hi Jane Sara,

It seems that plantar fasciitis is quite common in fibromyalgia patients. I had it several years ago, and I was advised to get special heel inserts for my shoes, I was able to buy them from my local chemist shop. My doctor also prescribed Naproxen tablets which did help a bit and I was referred to a physiotherapist who gave me exercise s to do. If you look on the website and then look under the treatment options, they list various exercise, similar to the ones I was given by the physiotherapist, but you must do them several times a day to get any benefits. I would suggest if you seem to be getting worse then ask your doctor to refer you to a physiotherapist (or where I live you can self-refer yourself) xx

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Sorry, I think the website should be

i have to have well fitting footwear with proper arch support else my feet are soon painful. (In and out of my shoes). Oddly, shoes these days mostly don't have arch support built in. Tricky buying new shoes when you have to take your orthotics with you. Some shoes will have a removable insert others don't. You do need to be careful though. Eek! My friend tried to take the 'insert' out of a pair of shoes she was trying and it ripped. Don't tell!

Good places for getting help with inserts are outdoor shops who sell walking shoes and the various grade inserts to ensure correct support. Not so good if you want dress shoes but really looking fancy is a boat that has probably sailed if you have painful feet!

The only way mine has gone despite the exercises, meds, steroid injections, foot wear and night splints has been through my Sjögren's meds. I take Hydroxycholorquine and for some reason it got rid of it. It does flare up when I'm in a flare but rest of the time it's gone. My Rheum was surprised but didn't doubt me.

Jo x

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