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Fibromyalgia and R arthritis!

Hi all.

I've had for many months swelling between my middle finger and index finger knuckles, they are always warm/hot within the joint and I have a hard lump below my right outer ankle bone! I've had both my bunions operated on as caused tremendous pain and swelling! Under my left foot at the very base on big toe I had jelly lump called bursitis leakage! My left knee is slightly swollen from doing nothing and swells when I try to walk for a great length of time! I always have neck pain due to my neck now protruding forward despite exercises and heated shoulder pad!

Now I've read on many medical websites that fibro doesn't cause actual swelling in the joints just lots of pain and stiffness! And when I've gone to my Dr he blames everything on fibro and has done one blood test for RA which was negative! My physio said it sounds like I have RA and should push for more tests but its all getting me down as he doesn't take me serious and only wants to give me prescriptions every time I go!

Can someone please advise me what I should or shouldn't be doing I'm so very fed up with the healthcare system.

Sorry for the long story and thank you for reading

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Insist that your GP sends you to a rheumatologist.

Blood tests for RA sometimes turn up negative in the early stages, and a significant number of fibro sufferers get RA as well.

Don't let your doctor fob you off. See another partner or complain to the practice manager if he won't co-operate, but first of all tell him what the Physio said.

Sometimes it is necessary to be a bit pushy with doctors - they are paid to look after us, and we must insist on a fair deal!

Moffy x


Thank you. I just get so blooming fed up as it always seems I'm making a mountain out of mile hill. I had reported the last Dr as he laughed at me! I think I should change Drs practice. I've not been for months as only happy when he gives me tablets! Can't take them as have autistic child and I'm single parent and she only does half days at school so need my whits about me whilst I'm driving and tramadol and amitriptylene don't make that possible! I will go and tell him what I want if I don't then I will go elsewhere, thank you again I wish I had some support but unfortunately don't have friends and family N/A. :/


Like Moffy says sometimes RA tests come back negative even if RA is present. Moffy gives good advice so it is worthwhile acting on it and see how far you get. I wish you luck and I will await your next blog xxxxx


Hi Dollym

Bunion ops are meant to be one of the most painful ops

when i had pelvic surgery the people who had had bunions operated on were in much more pain than me

I have both an inflammatory Arthritis and fibro and at the moment my fingers on my left hand are swollen little sausages, the inflammation showed up in the blood tests

i agree with the others about seeing a Rheumatologist , i was refered by my orthopod surgeon and it took a while to get to the diagnosis but now i am the right meds to help control the pain and make the most of my life

take care x


Thank you everyone for your comments. I think I need to put my foot down (gently) ??.

I often give up as I have a very lonely isolated life. Single mother of ASD child and no family help and no friends, yes you read it correctly, no friends, I moved away from marital home and sadly lost many things! So I suppose my fighting power has almost gone. Only thing that keeps me going is the thought of my child having no one to turn to! This is the only reason I still here!


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