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My beloved Jacuzzi bath, the flare up and my ex cleaner

I am sure you have all read about my amazingly cheap jacuzzi bath I got new from online bathroom shop, its so relaxing when my shoulders spasm so last night i disappeared for a soak with candles aromatherapy oil and a book......I did have a cleaner who moved 100 miles away... Honestly I,m not that bad she felt that was the only way to stop coming she moved to be with her daughter.... Anyway she cleaned very well but wouldn't use a lot of my products and asked for others which I happily bought for her as she was a great cleaner. She asked for this grey paste that cleans up sinks taps mirrors ovens beautifully,,,,,,,, but I didn't know she had used it on the jets of my bath.... So I am lying in a froth of bubbles with the back jets aimed at my shoulders when my OH comes blundering into the bathroom .... I hadn't locked it OH looks at me in horror...eeeeeek I thought do I look that bad naked... You have gone all grey he says... I look down and he is right the cleaner had left grey paste in all the jets and the water had blown them out all over me ... I had to pull the plug and have a shower to wash off all the gunk..... So much for the relaxing soak but I am now so shiny clean I gleam :)

VG x

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Certainly a new meaning to Shades of grey or Greys Anatomy. Were you totaly grey or patchy LOL.



hahahahahahahahahahahhhaah xxx


Patchy , I'm fact I just looked like I had lain in a damp cupboard for a couple of weeks and grown mould.... More like the mouldy woman in the bath from the film The Shining, than anything as erotic as fifty shades Of grey .. I unfortunately was only one shade, but you were closer with greys anatomy as I have left my body to medical science, when I listed all my illnesses and ops they said they would be delighted to have my body as long as I don't die from cholera or one day young fibromites may be getting great pain meds due to med students prodding and probing... I hope the tablets will come with VG stamped on them in large letters

VG x

Reply it :D xx


sorry but i cant stop laughing and i havent done that for ages!


ohhhhh dear hahahahahhhaha omg sorry you made my sunday for as bad as i am feeling !

Thats why cleaner moved 100miles away hehehehe ..

i run a cleaning business and not sure hmm i have a special paste too but i just think she honestly forgot by the sounds of it to clean it out..

think it will need a bit of a toothbrush flush out lol x

you will look like Tin man then from Wizard of Oz she is Dorothy and vanished now ..

ohhh funny.

body scrub then to clean up that ill be a lovely job for OH am sure he will enjoy xxx ;-)


Creates a wonderful image :-)


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