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Hysterectomy on tuesday. Im soo scared about the pain afterwards:-(

im trying to make sure everything gets done, housework, arrangements for the kids. hubbys had to change his shift hours so he can sort the kids out, his work have been, in my opinion, extremely poor in their understanding of supporting him!


On their white company cars with blue lights on it says 'leading caring professional' i think not. this is making my hubby not a happy chappy! his current work is 1m from our house. they have moved him (for this period) to a different base 15/20 miles away, to do a role which needs covering at his usual workplace??


all this stress is causing lots of pain for me. had to go to daughters school yesterday cos she is stressed out (10yo) worrying that i am going to die. school were fab - have sorted out a counsellor for her.


Due to health probs i have a cleaner - however shes on hols at the mo! ( i know im being selfish!) so have been cleaning - even cleaned my fridge!


i even wish it was raining cos i could just put the clothes in there to dry as hanging them out on the line hurts my shoulders!! aaaargh!

Oh yeah - the pain - bring it on!........xx

(i feel better now)

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i had a triple prolapse operation couple years ago, found that recovery took longer due to fibro but couldnt comment if pain was any different as had nothing to compare to if that makes sense?

if you are having the hysterectomy vaginally the recovery time and pain is alot less than having tummy cut, you will be fine love, dont worry xxx


im the tummy option!! never mind thats why g-d invented morphine!! xx


Good luck for tuesday, i am sure you will be fine. :)

Its so good to get rants out and this is the place to do them.

I cant hang washing out no more, plus going in the back garden is too much for me. so i use a clothes maiden just outside the front door. It is so much better and easier for me.

I so wish i had a cleaner though to keep on top of jobs for me, i am applying for dla and thats what i am going to spend the money on if i get it.

hugs, kel xxxx


thats what i spent my ESA on - but that stopped at end april. Oh and i have an ATOS medical today. i going to try to get put in support group so i can get it reinstated hopefully!

Let you know!

By crikey cleaner had better not be too brown or there'll be trouble!!! Bless her - worth every penny :-)

Enjoy the sun kel xx


good luck :) hugs to you xxxx


good luck, I had mine several years ago now,via stomach.The hospital were very understanding I was on a morphine drip that you can press as & when you need it but you cannot overdose on it!! This was available to all I was on it for 3 days where as others just had it for 1st 24hrs, then just took my regular meds. For me it wasn't as bad as I thought the recovery was going to be. Love & Huggles to you xx


Good luck luv..x


Good Luck, Westgate they will look after you in Hospital.

You are getting anxious now, please start to slow down and pace yourself so that when Tuesday comes around you will sail through the op.

Soft Hugs x x x x


thanks guys! ive just come back from an ATOS medical and although they were an hr and a half late. just because im having hysto. i get 12 weeks ESA automatic. ill let you know what the final result is bacuse i actually had mine stopped cos id had 365 days of it! sounds like there is a sensible person in the system because we can still apply for it! xx

slowing down nooow ...xx


i had my hystorectomy 12 yrs ago via key hole this made things a little easier as i didnt have to worry about catching stiches that were on the out side

as for the house work stressing you out , it will still be there when your kids, husband and cleaner get back just look after your self the rest will get sorted in time

every ones pain level is different if you listen to what your body is saying you will be fine your recovery is more importent than house work

good luck x


Hi my good freind had a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago she came out 24 hours later she took it easy for 5 weeks and went back to gym on 6th week just the treadmill her surgeon said, she was so worried about it all the pain etc but she could not believe how she felt it was not halsf as bad as she thought she is now back to the gym full time with her personal trainer and doing really well so try not to worry she said if she had known how good she was gonna feel and how little pain she had shwe would have had it done couple years ago .

she is now on hrt and just getting back to doing everything

good luck love diddle

oh by the way she had keyhole surgery .


Hi just reading your post do not be afraid of the operation I had one done at 41 I can honestly say its the best think I have done with my life I had a complete hystorectomy with removal of the womb the cervic and the overies this sent me into premiture memopause but I took hrt straight away and had no hot flushes nor thing I took it for ten years and as said the best times of my life the pain afterwards is hard because you have a cut across the lower half oh your stomach which like any cut would be sore but please do not worry as long as you have plenty of rest and do what the the doctors tell you you will be glad you had it done I really wish you well and send you the biggest heartfelt thoughts to you please let us know how you are look after yourself and we hope to hear from you soon lots of hugs joseph


had mine done at 24 and it is not as bad as you are thinking

good look we will all be sending you are love soft hugs kath


thanks folks! xx


Hi, I was just as worried as you when I was due to have my hysterectomy done 10 years ago when I was 39. The pain wasn't unbearable, I had a morphine drip button like one of the previous comments, I had the tummy option and I was out of hospital after two or three days. I would advise taking your own pillow if you're allowed, and my back ached quite a lot afterwards due to being in bed the first day. It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and was the best thing I've ever had done as I suffered so much during periods and had cysts on my ovary and endometriosis.

As for the housework, the get well cards cover a lot of surfaces, and I'm sure nobody who visits will expect you to do that, please don't try to do anything you shouldn't as it will only set you back, (my nurse told me to lift nothing heavier than a teacup)

Have you tried ready meals like the Wiltshire farm foods delivery service?? They are proper fresh cooked meals, (not massive portions though) not too expensive and can be microwaved from frozen, it's available on line or by phone, it's been a godsend when I've been poorly. Wishing you good luck, better health and a good recovery. x


thanks for that! none of the others seemed to have had the tummy option, so your post was well received ty xx


Hi Westgate, good luck for tomorrow xx, are you having a general anaesthetic? The reason i ask is because i had one in Nov and weeks after the event when fibro had gone baserk, the doc said general anaesthetic can cause certain diseases to flare up very badly. well thanks for that one then!!!, still going mental and doesn't know when to stop.

All the best

Jan h xx


thanks hon! yes general but poss spinal aswell to cope with pain afterwards xx


DON'T worry. You are probably suffering so much that like me you'll be amazed at how well you cope xxxxxxx


Best of luck for tomorrow Westgate,I had general and wasn't even sick! Don't forget to pack your biggest Bridget Jones knickers for afterwards.


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