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Another flare up and so tired!!

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Yet another flare up,seems to be one after another,this is the first opportunity i've had to take time out and come on line for ages! Hot sweats unbearable at the moment i actually had a cold bath this afternoon before going to work just to try and cool down i actually thought i would collapse today it was that bad, very sore hips and shaky legs could have done with a walking stick for support,i can feel things gradually getting worse my hands have been really bad,twitching,pain and dropping things! i am becoming frustrated and angry with myself,i am exhausted!!! I don't want this illness anymore i'm fed up really fed up!! Sorry it's a negative blog but it's how i feel and i can't talk to anyone my partner doesn't get it whatsoever all i get is "what's wrong today then?"

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aww della lv u be as neg as you wanna be,i no how you feel tho,we all do.its a shame ur partner dosnt get it,theres a lot of us in the same boat...its sh*t init and the sarci comments dont help.i think people react the way the do cos they cant see Mr fibro and the saying is `seeing is believing`and as we all know on here you cant see Mr fibro.its the same with a lot of other illnesses.there are people that try to understand but how can they(its not their fault really)we`d proberly be the same if we walked in there shoes.thats why im so happy that i found this lovely famly(this site)i call them my family cos everyone on here understands how eachother feels and that in my mind makes us sorry i havn`t been helpful to you but the next time your partner asks "whats wrong today then" tell him that today your feeling special,lots of lv and warm fluffy hugs fm me :) xx

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Thankyou so much! Yeah it's sh*t sometimes! i couldn't even be ar*ed to speak to him this evening after i was told that he is sick of hearing about it!!!! Big decisions lie ahead for me i think,hope you are well etc! fluffy hugs back to you xxx

della sorry but iv just noticed iv wrote in slang in some parts of the comment i just wrote you.iv been asked not to do that but i keep forgetting xx

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Ha! that's absolutely fine! xxx

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Hi Delia sorry u are so ill it sounds just like me, my feet ankles and hands are so bad just want to cry been awake all nite with upper back and neck pain, am goin have acupuncture next week and see my rumatoligist on thursday hope you are gettind the right medication as if does help, we are always here to talk to honey hope you feel better soon. Hugs to you karen xx

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Hi and thanks for replying to me,the weather isn't helping much either i guess,it's quite likely the Gabapentin needs to be increased going to make appointment with G/P next week i've heard that we can be prescribed muscle relaxants too i've had them before several years ago (they didn't know it was Fibro then!) hope you feel better soon also, hugs to you xxx

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bless you people just dont know how it feels ive changed jobs & become self employed not ideal as im financialy worse off? but last year i had 2 major blackouts lost 3 days each time my husband is terrified when it happens, i was kept in hospital each time they sent me home after few days saying i must have had an infection somewhere ive stopped saying i know its the fybro. an out of hours gp was wonderrful once he said the "closedowns" were the bodys way of repairing because i dont stop. well wish me luck i have an urgent ortho appointment today got a 20 mile drive to the hospital small price to pay as i only waited a week.see you all the way im 48 feel 68 lol x

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Hope all went well with your hospital appointment, i'm wondering if i have perhaps come into contact with some yucky bug as my daughter and her boyfriend are both unwell at the moment with tonsillitis!!! My legs have felt very strange this evening almost like they don't belong to me, very odd!! i'm 38 and feel like 68!lol! xxx

So sorry to hear you're feeling so bad at the moment Della and ha's off as usual for continuing to work. I was like that yesterday and posted a couple of times and people were lovely so never worry about posting a negative blog.

Only hope I can offer is that today I feel a lot better. Spending time on here helps as always and a phone call to a friend who is very understanding. I'm glad to be single at times like this because today, I have chosen to do nothing, not even dressed. I'll gird my loins and go to see me dad later (he is playing up at the moment).

Hope you feel better soon.

Whippet x

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Awwww thankyou for your lovely kind words,yes i feel better today have had wibbly wobbly legs though like they don't belong to me,not quite in control of them,very weird indeed!!! Some love and understanding is all we want,not asking for the earth!! Thankgod for my Labradors,oh and my daughter she is brilliant i have been so lucky with her she is nearly 17 and is a joy. Love and hugs Della xxx

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