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Morning started great used my bath lift for the first , :-) then popped to local shop :-(

Hi all bath lift brilliant , was still relaxed after coming down stairs thought I could still conquer the world , then popped out in car for cat food got a months supplier as it's on offer for another week and packs of 8 have 4 free ,then popped over local shop and couldn't use disabled bay as a able body person was parked in it putting in her shopping , thought are well not getting a lot ,should of known better with me I got some Xmas presents ,I know it's early but balis and hardy bath selection boxes reduced to £1.75 from £7.00 and if you buy 3 you get them for. A £1.00 ea so I bought 6 don't mean to be cheep but I will have to watch the penny's if I am not working and people are still going to expect presents so any way got the stir fry veg I went in for and came back to car was just About to drive off when this 4x4 pulled up and opened there door and dented my car 3 times it bounced off my wing , alright there little marks but they weren't there before, anyway she was so shocked when I asked for her details and asked to see her licence so I could check her address ,she then asked if I was a police woman and I said no but I new the law and she should carry her licence with her whenever she was in car and driving and my friend was married to a policeman ,she then had a go as who did I think I was telling her she should have a licence and drove off without her shopping my neighbour has reminded me I don't need the stress and forget it but Argh! I am annoyed sorry needed the rant needed another bath ! X

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Oh my goodness life does spring things on us doesnt it !

Still you are ok that is the main thing!

Take care

bes t wishes



Hi S-W


I forgot to ask how it went when your gadgets turned up :)

Aren't the bath lifts a pressie and a half?

I am so sorry to hear about your stressful shopping trip though! it probably echoes what most of us here endure at least once a week :o I know how it makes us ache more and the pain increase with the tension.

Maybe some guided imagery to help you drift off into the lands of wonder while you're in the bath :)

Here's one of my old relaxation posts, hope it works for you :)

Hope you're ok after it all and send the fluffies in to fight off the fibro monsters :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Yes the bath lift present is brill , :-) I am chilled out now ,I have a beagle curled up in my arm fast asleep like a new born baby , only difference is 4 legs and he snores :-) ,the OT thought the dogs were lovely and thought they were good medicine for me as well which was nice as that's what my children think to , :-) my friends give me grief coz they are not dog lovers and worry they are to much :-( , I can type with one hand as long as it use a stylis ,thanks for the post on relaxation , I have never parked in a disable bay couldn't believe it when I saw this woman loading her shopping :-( ,never mind it done now ,my garden looks lovely :-) I have had a good week really good :-) , CAB lady rang me today to see how I was getting on as well which I thought was really nice of her she is sending out info ESA application and I have to ring to make appointment at her clinic which is on my small list of things to do tomorrow, you have to forgive my message my brain seem to be jumping from thing to another it's like a space hopper on topics boing ! Boing ! Boing! Thanks for response :-) lots of fluffies :-) x Chris


Zeb boings!

Just ask this lot! :P

I used to love space-hoppers LOL

Space hopper races at junior school sports day hahahahahha

It all sounds good apart from the parking fiasco, sadly it happens a lot!

It's as bad as people parking their cars on crossings like they do near my doctor's surgery which drives me nuts because I'm in a wheelchair :o and it is a very busy road, which, is why it's got the crossing :o

Fluffies and smiles

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi Shadows-walker

That sounds like a very eventful day? Did you keep her shopping as compensation? I agree with your neighbour, it is not worth the stress and anxiety.

That is wonderful news about your bath lift, I always have a shower as I couldn't get in and out of a bath and that takes me ages anyway!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks ken I am ok now I have a very beautiful beagle curled up under my arm like a new born baby snoring and his little legs are in the air and running somewhere wonderful in his dreams , :-) . Have you not tryed o ask for a bath lift you sound like you should have one more than me, as far as the careless woman goes it doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things it was just a 4x4 driver they think they own the rd or car park in this case oh dear Murphy got a funnie tummie :-$ where the air fresher when you need it :-{ ,also CAB are sending me info to start ESA which I can start now so money comes in when wages start so really been a good day .hope your ok to Chris x


That sounds so beautiful with your beagle. I am hoping to buy a bungalow this year so I really want a proper wet room, that would be ideal for me! It does sound like you have had a good day.

Take care

Ken x


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