24 hour test of Deep Heat neck and shoulder cream

As I said somewhere yesterday I had purchased the above cream after reading on here a very informative blog about the deep heat bath soak being very good. Not finding a bath the easiest thing and as I suffer from neck and shoulder spasms very badly I decided to buy the neck and shoulder cream

Please note this is just my personal experience and It may not work this way for you.... And it's just pain relief ... Not a cure...

I bought mine from amazon with free delivery as it was cheaper that way it cost £4.50 for 50g and started using it yesterday morning on my neck and shoulders .. As I always say I will try anything once so got my OH to apply to the places where I have my trigger point injections and rubbed it in ... The sponge applicator was very good..

The results.... Each application lasted between 6- 8 hours... It was pleasantly warming ... Not anywhere near as hot as deep heat original and the smell .. Rosemary and vanilla was a light smell which to my extremely sensitive sense of smell was bearable...

To be honest I was amazed at the result it was easily as good as my hot packs ... But. Better because there was no added weight to my neck and shoulders and no trips back and forth to reheat the pack....

On the negative you have to keep buying this product whereas a hot pack is a one off payment ... But I am converted..... now to find out how to buy it cheaper and none of the ingredients listed were contrary to the meds I take..

I hope this has been useful to somebody :)

VG x

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  • So glad it's been a help VG, and especially that the sensitive nose **> bore up wel to it. As you say, try and find it cheaper somewhere. I understand too about not having theweight of a hot pack to del with being better.

    So glad it's worked for you :D :D :D

    Foggy x

  • I can tell you where to buy it cheaper, but as postage is £2.95 per order, it would only be worth your while if you bought a few tubes. Much depends on what postage you are paying Amazon. RRP of product is £5.99.

    If you want the website - well I can't post it here, but you know where to find me

    Em x

  • Wow something that works and gives relief oh yes please all info sounds marvelous xginss

  • I am aware of a site where it is £3.52 then £2.95 postage unless you spend £35 then free postage. I am gathering form Maladjusteds post that we arent allowed to name sites on here is that correct x

  • afterthought...... If they can sell it for £3.52 then surely the manufacturer could sell it direct to Fibro sufferers even cheaper.....note to self...contact manufacturers of deep heat and appeal to them to allow us to purchase a bit of relief at a reasonable cost x

  • If you are recommending a site to help someone with fibro then posting the site is ok ... It's only against guidelines when you promote something non fibro related or fibro related for your own gain...... Or if its a dodgy medical site offering cures for a price...

    If anyone knows where I can get this cream cheaper than £4.50 per tube inc postage costs I would be happy to share it on here so everyone can see and decide if they want to try it for pain relief.

    Hope that helps

    VG xx

  • Hi very- grumpy glad it worked i put blog on about the Muscle Rescue Bath Soak im going to try the neck one next when my eczema is under control havent had a look at any places to get it cheaper yet i,ll have a look and let you know xx

  • Hi lifeback thanks for your blog I would never have found this without it . My right shoulder muscle spasmed about 3pm today my oh put a bit of the cream on I am still pain free at 10pm for me its amazing

    Thank you VG :)

  • just to say i`ve bought this from Amason, and it does work! thank you for spreading this about - no pun intended! xxx

  • Drat! VG finds something that works and I'm allergic to it - typical.

    I wasn't sure about posting the website on here so decided to err on the side of caution. Didn't want my delicate little knuckles rapping.

    A few people PM'd me asking for the site which I was happy to give, though for price including postage I think Amazon works out cheapest. Perhaps someone on here knows better?

  • Boots do their own version that doesnt have the problems anti inflammatories can give asthmatics, which I am. Its not as strongly smelling as deep heat and is cheaper than it too, but cant remember price. They also do a spray. Plus a freeze version if you prefer that. I did find a spray at poundshop, but havent tried it. I use spray regularly for my knees and my shoulders as I cannot reach my back with cream. So thats my two pennies worth!xx

  • What does the bath version do? is it any good I was thinking of trying it as my back and shoulders ache so much,

  • fibroaction.healthunlocked....

    Here's the link to the person who tried the muscle soak

    VG x

  • I purchased some muscle heat rub from £land.Yes £land.Had a dear girlfriend give me a very deep neck and shoulder massage with it and it was amazing.Not much smell to it and relieved the pain and it was "not a placebo effect".OH cannot seem to do the massage as he is frightened of causing me too much pain.I said that I would yell out if I could not take it.Heyho.take care everyone.gentle hugs xxxxx

  • Is it called deep heat muscle rescue cream, it's £4.00 in Boots.

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