OMG brain and mouth not engaged

Just asked my OH what he thought of the colleges for my son.... He gazed at me in amazement and said you what..!!!!!!!!!......apparently I said , so what do you think of me having an affair...... I have no idea I said it... Certainly don't have the energy to do it... Am I safe to talk to strangers who don't know I have fibro, I spoke to my sons school this morning .... Now I am wondering what I earth I said to them.......

I would go hide somewhere in shame but I am stuck on the settee

....blames it on gins and her chimney sweep

VG xx

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  • lmao!! That's made me laugh. Hopefully your hubby has seen the funny side aswell lol

    Thankfully I don't suffer with this side of things (at least I hope I don't!! No-one has ever pointed it out - OMG .. you got me worried now lol) I do slur my words though - I'm doing it this morning. My Dad has just picked up the dog for her afternoon walk and he said he couldn't understand me, I'm talking like I'm drunk!! I blooming wish I was drunk lol

  • Wow that was a corker so brain and lips not engaging - confusus is more than a little puzzled but that is quite normal I do hope OH roared with your well not a malopropism a fibroism for sure xgins

  • He he . glad I'm not alone,my family say they are going to keep a book on all the funny things i say wrong,n the best of it is i never notice unless someone starts laughing.I used to gt annoyed at myself.Now i jst c the funny side lol

  • Tee hee! I get verbal dyslexia as well! That is so funny VG I bet his face was a picture. Have you been reading Jackie Collins novels lol

    Storm x

  • LOL I know exactly what you mean about mixing words up, I have done it myself so many times .... One classic one was when I informed my (then) partner that I had fed the chickens & collected the lemons Of coarse I meant eggs, but it all seemed normal to me :)

  • Brilliant! Have you been reading Fifty Shades of Grey again VG, you've been getting ideas lol! :O :P

  • that was funny. I say some very strange things like pointing at the window and saying door a lot, but my family just looks at me strange and then tells me I'm stupid, so I hope your hubby was kind about it. x

  • That has made my day lol. We do say some strnage things and it does give other s a good laugh. I do hope your hubby did not take it as gospel lol xxxx

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