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I had my Disability Tribunal y'day....I was kept waiting for over an hour.....I finally got in there past 5pm so I knew they would try to cut it short so's they could go home (3 people)! The judge said he needed the paperwork from my previous ESA Tribunal win before he could make the correct judgement, further medical evidence.....the icing on the cake was....I'm sure you've been through a lot but Fibromyalgia is a label given to those that have nothing wrong with them.....there is no cause'!!

To say that I wanted to cry is an understatement.....I've got to go back but I really don't want to.....

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I was gobsmacked when i read what the judge said to you. Its so disgraceful. How on earth are you supposed to win the tribunal if he feels like that about Fibro.

I dont blame you at all for wanting to cry.

But please try not to brood on it too much, after all the stress will make you worse.

Hugs to you. x


Hi Kialya

Lovely name :)

I know....felt so deflated! I had been driving for ages, past tired as I had been unable to sleep before the Tribunal so when I finally got seen I was out of fight....overly gobsmaked from his comment that I did not reply (to his advantage) but this time will enable me to get my papers together, look for a representative and pray to God!

I read an article on this sight regarding Minister of Employment, Chris Grayling saying that specialist in Fibro should do assessments for ATOS, the same should be for Tribunals! I truly believe that the occupational therapist I saw when applying for my Blue Badge (which I got) knew intricately about Fibro. She ran a thorough assessment and actually listened to what I had to say as well as my physical assessment.

I think that they don't want to help the truly disabled so they are being ruthless......


OMG cant believe I read this right & had to reread it!! How disgusting that you were told that! When you have calmed down,if I was you I would try & find out who he is & complain about him as I am sure notes are taken at tribunals.I went to 1 several years ago but they were completely understanding & that was 7 yrs ago & more is known now about fibro. But I would try & relax & de-stress soon as you dont want to begin a big flare up. xx


Hi Bubblebutt

I have been in a bubble since then and that is the only thing that has kept me sane.....I really thought I misheard but I asked my cousin (who kindly came with me) and she confirmed that he had actually said that!

It is my mission to stay strong and fight....the pain has been worse but I've had to just grit my teeth because I will find an answer....I will be the pain that I've always been.....after star sign is Taurus (the bull)!!

Thanks sugar x x


Did the judge have a medical degree?

Even so, did he actually know ANYTHING about Fibro except what The Sun/Mail Reporters and ilk report?

If NOT he needs to keep his mouth shut and do some reading of actual documented medical research going on into this condition before shooting off his 'expert' opinion.

Really, it's getting ridiculous out there. But that said Fibro isn't the only medical condition getting a 'bad' name.

Sorry this is happening to you. Don't let them away with it. Know it's easy to say and hard to do as stress/anxiety makes us worse but I think that's what a lot of government etc., want us to do and I for one refuse to cater to them.


Hi Lioslaith

I plan to hit him with some facts....another cousin of mine reminded me that for years that 'experts' said MS wasn't an illness but now....surprise, surprise it is!!

Seriously, I cannot make up the madness my body is showing me right now....its very upsetting having to prove myself again n again but....I gotta see this through.....I want them so live a day in my shoes!!


I think if he had said that to me I would have offered him a few choice words.


Hi Glochessum

I was so tired n pained.....didn't have the energy!! Anyone that know's me would be surprised that I said nothing.....LoooL!!


make a little doll of him and stick pins in it, LOL


That is so shocking! I'd get all the medical notes you can find on FM and hand it to him when you go back x

Try and relax now and get some rest x hugs x


medical notes on f.,,m i got a briliant paper from the pain clinic, explaining fibro and the circle of pain, the description is very good, i am sending it with my pack to the e.s.a with my sure anyone who asks for it will be given the and i would put a pic on the wall of that bloke and throw darts at his eyeballs..discusting.


Tell him to read this


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