update on 3 questions i posted = numbness & tingling? vitamins? weight gain?

For those that may have read my questions that i posted in the week i would like to thank you for your replies,i thought you might like to know how i got on at the doctors today where i asked him the same questions plus a couple others.

On the numbness and tingling i told him that my hands are getting worse,every morning my hands are numb with tingling in all my fingers,i also have sharp pains shooting up my arms throughout the day and painfull wrists,the Doc thinks its carpels tunnel,i have a rhumatologists appointment next month and which was made a few weeks ago when i first started getting pain and he wanted my hands checked to see if my osteo had got worse,he wants to see whether the rhumatologist thinks the same as what he does.

A few weeks ago i had some bloods done and i wanted to know whether vitamin D was tested for,he said there is no test (and yet other people on this forum has been tested for it) he said it wouldnt hurt to take vit D beacuse it was quite common for fibro sufferes to need it,i asked if he could give me a prescription and he said yes and has given me calcichew D3 which contains calcium aswell.

I told him that i have put on 2 stone in the past year since being on pregabalin,he suggested that i book in to see him for another day so we have more time to talk about it and to disscuss the way forward.

There was a few other things i spoke to him about which you may be interested in,

i told him that sometimes i have trouble swallowing and feel like i have something caught in my throat,he said to see how it goes and if it persists we may have to look at going to hospital and have a tube put down throat to see if there is anything going on.

i also mentioned that when i am asleep i wake up quick gasping for air,this happens even when i nod of for a bit on the sofa,he is going to refer me to the sleep apnea clinic where a test can be done to see what the problem is,this can be done at home which is great as i wont need to go and sleep in the clinic for the night.

He has also put me back on the omeprazole for indigestion which is bad again.

Well thats it folks! i hope i havnt bored you too mutch,just thought you may find that there is some things i have mentioned that you think you may have so worth a visit to the Docs ,i feel alot better in myself that i have spoken to him...xx

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  • I have had a Vit D test done. They take some time to do, it is complicated or something. But if you feel you need one done then push for it. But at least he is willing to listen to you, some GPs do not listen xxxxx

  • hi ozzygirl64,to be fair he is pretty good,he was quick in offering support in the other things i spoke to him about,it was just the test for vit D he didnt say mutch about,maybe you are right,maybe its too complicated,i would imagine a lot of people with or without fibro need vit D and it would just cost to mutch,but if they thought it was seriouse they would do test...xxx

  • Its so weird how we all seem to have similar things going on...I have carpel tunnel in both wrists and have had nerve conduction studies done, I've opted for injections in january rather than weeks off work. I've justhad the home sleep study for the same reason as you and now have a recall to see a consultant at the apnoea clinic. since taking singlair at night i've not been quite so bad with the waking gasping however it did happen during the study night.

    I've been seen by ENT and had the scope, which is unpleasant to say the least, this showed a reflux also and was also put on omeprazole which was later changed as it didn't agree and now on another as well as gaviscon..daft thing is I don't feel its acid at all.

    Rhumatology booked my vit d test and its was stupidly low which has also now been addresses but now on for life...vid d levels are dropping throughtout the UK apparently and they put it down to us all becoming hermits which i am most certainly not...this is what the medical profession claim.

    I feel very looked after now and have also just started HRT after finding my hormones had also deceded to fail me too. I've just had two weeks on the sick which was advised by the doctors and I now feel rested and I am also sleeping well again for the first time in many months...hope you get sorted soon x

  • im realy pleased for you mumof5,you seem to have things sorted at last...well nearly..and yes it is realy weird how we have the same stuff going on,funny you coming to the end of your tests and im just begining! interesting you said that your Rhumy tested you for vit D,i think i will mention it to her when i go for appointment next month,i dont think its because we are hermits that the uk is lacking in vit D,its more like cause we never have any sun..remenber that orange round thing in the sky! sometimes it feels like your on your own with all these syptoms,and yet when we come on here there is so many of us suffering the same awful things,it never ceases to amaze me how complex fibro is,an yet it is still not recognised in some peoples eyes,i hope you have a lovely restful night munof5...xxx

  • If you join the HealthUnlocked Uk Thyroid site and search for vitamin D, B12, carpul tunnel you will see how many confirmed sufferers of thyroid conditions have these problems too. Vitamin deficiencies go hand in hand with Thyroid and other autoimmune diseases.

    I hope your doctor has done the basics and done a full panel of thyroid function tests and vitamin B. It makes me want to scream when I hear the symptoms you have with the throat and breathing as well as the tingling. So many thyroid sufferers are missed diagnosis and sent for gastroscopies - it makes me soooo mad.

  • Was just about to shout 'get your thyroids checked' lol

  • thanks for this i will check it out, i have a lot of probs with my numbness in my hands... and i have had 2 gastroscopies in the last 2 years! Ive heard that taking anti depressants - im on amitrptyline 150mg per day can have an effect on vitamin defficiency ?? I may speak to my dr about havin vit d test. thanks again

  • thanks for this i will check it out, i have a lot of probs with my numbness in my hands... and i have had 2 gastroscopies in the last 2 years! Ive heard that taking anti depressants - im on amitrptyline 150mg per day can have an effect on vitamin defficiency ?? I may speak to my dr about havin vit d test. thanks again

  • Good morning editfmrt,thanks for suggesting the other sites,I will check them out shortly,I am interested to see what they say,my hands are really bad this morning,they don't seem to work properly,I'm trying to get myself dressed and don't seem to have much luck,so i keep sitting down and looking at this site,thankfully I've got an iPad which is so much easier on my fingers than my laptop,its a good job I haven't got work today I'd be useless! I think I might just go back to bed!...xx

  • I had blood test done at pain clinic, didn't know it was to check for vit D, but on next visit was told it was very low and prescribed Calceos. Problem is I can no longer stand them in my mouth and don't take them as often as I should, so it's probably still low.


  • Hi Lynn

    Doctor did give me some calcichew D3 but iv read the ingredients and there is aspartame in which I'm intolerant to! Not sure whether to stop taking them and see if I'm tested at rhumy app and mention it there,it may be that I'll have to go to a health food shop and what they have got,there's may not have aspartame in it...xx

  • Hi Pinkblossom, I react to Azpartame too and have to be very careful to avoid it. I am just about to take the glucose test for diabetes to see if I really do have it. The reason is that since I started avoiding all Aspartame my blood tests have been normal. I took a medication with Aspartame in over a weekend and bloated out so badly the next day I was taken off it again.

  • the doctor tested me for thyroid and vit d. i now have to take thyroxine and vitamin d tablets as well as amytriptaline for my fibro.they said it was fine to take vit d with calcium as i was slightly deficiant in calcium . what they didnt say was you cant take vit d and calciun tablets along side the thyroid tablets as it stops the thyroid one from working.x

  • Hi all well where do i start, i have low Vit D it is a simple blood test but i cant take the Vit D tabs as they make me ill (so no hope there) I also have a very long list of ailments including under active thyroid which is monitored. The one main thing why I am commenting is though is that Pinkblossom said that she had put on about 2 stones whilst being on Pregabalin.. Iam on this and I have also put on weight sorry not put on PILED on weight. I am also immobile which doesnt help but every time I turn arournd I seem to have put on weight...

    I am at my witts end with it.. i am seeing weight management next week :( really not looking forward to it at all. They will tell me I have put on weight look down their nose at me at tell me i have to exercise....... I CANT EXERCISE and i hardly eat..... i think its time to come off pregabalin and start 2013 afresh. I also have neads (none epileptic attack disorder) which isnt properly managed and I am trying to get my driving licence back after a Doctor thought I had epilepsy 2 years ago, they now say i dont but i still cant drive.... God I hate all this...SORRY TO BORE YOU ALL


  • Good morning stratz,you haven't bored us at all! Infact I'm interested about this weight management you are going to see,did your Doc refer you? I am back to see Doc at some point to see about my weight,I mentioned it when I saw him last week and he said to come back and see him,believe me I used to be really skinny,my weight was between eight and a half to nine stone,I'm now eleven stone!! I wouldn't say I eat big portions I just pick at sweet things,I can't stop eating,I'm unsure about coming of the pregabalin because a couple months ago it was reduced and I had even more pain and i had to have 7 weeks off work,I realy do hope you get your licence back,it would wonderful for you to drive again,if you could let me know if you were referred to weight management by Doc that would be great..Julie..xx

  • Hi Julie yes I was referred by my Doc, it took along time for me to get an appointment because I wont go to groups I prefer one to one. I have never been skinny (me and skinny dont go in the same sentence:() but I was alot lighter than i am now. The last time I got weighed I was mortified I cant even bring myself to tell you what my weight is because you would be sick as i nearly was....but before i was was on pregablain I was a size 18 and now 26 top and 22 bottom so that gives you an idea of my weight... (GROSS) to top it all the muscles in my stomach have split so i cant do sit ups or anything because it doesnt work... Depressing I know, I try and keep a smile on my face but its hard feeling like mr blobby's wife... I hate it!!!!!

  • Oh sweetheart,please don't say you are gross or even mr blobbys wife! Stop putting yourself down,I know I have days when I say horrible things about myself and we both know we shouldn't do it,being negative rubs off on everybody around us,and you have done something really positive,you've taken the first steps to deal with your weight,I know how depressing all of this is,i have now got carpel tunel which is really painfull,iv got another post on that one! There seems to be so much all of us have to deal with,I do hope all goes well with your appointment,I really do,let us know how you get on,there is loads of us out there with the same problem!...xx

    (((((((((((Lots of soft hugs Hun)))))))))))

  • Hi hun just thought that I would let you know what happened at my appointment. The lady was really nice and very helpful although I have heard her words a thousand times... but anyways Im going to give her advice a go. So here I am day 1 on a calorie control diet which consists of 1500 calories aday so far so good.... yesterday was a normal day of eating and when i tallied up what i ate it still didnt come to 1500 .... starting to laugh now .... but anyway I waill continue until i see her again in the new year..... just thought that i would make you laugh at that one....lol :)

  • Hi stratz

    Good to hear from you again,I'm glad things went ok andI'm pleased your going to give it a go,it makes things a little bit easier having someone that's nice and helpful,I can imagine its really difficult trying to count the calories,iv been really naughty today with what iv eaten but seeing as I'm not starting my diet until the new year I don't need to worry about the chocolate and raspberry cupcake!! Lol,I do hope you manage to keep up with it,don't forget if your having a stressy day and you feel like you want to give in get yourself on here and talk to us,it would be great to hear how your getting on..Julie xx

  • Hope you get your carpel tunnel pain sorted hunni

    (((((((Big Hugsssss))))))

  • Hi again

    Iv got my rhumy appointment next Friday,hopefully I'll be able to get some treatment sorted,I'll let you know how I get on..Julie xx

    ((((((((((( soft hugs hum )))))))))

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