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It's Silly time in the Morning and I still can sleep

Had fibro for 26+ years.

Only meet 1 person with same in first year of diagnosis.

Only meet in person a handful.

Including my cousin (i sent her to her doc to get checked for fibro),

I moved from Yorkshire and live next door to her now. Her symptom's rang warning bells.

My new neighbour also has Fibro.

Soon be a little community lol lol.

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I am always around at Silly O'Clock! I was an insomniac before Fibro, now there's no hope for me lol! ;) :P :O


I've had Fibro 25+ years. How long you had Fibro?? xx


For about four years now Yvonne, I fight it everyday and it won't get the better of me! ;) xxx


I have just found out that the young man that lives at the top of my buiding also has fibro and m e.

Bless him he nearly cried when i said I had it as he felt so alone.

So he is welcome for a cuppa but with the understanding that we do have a laugh and a joke at ourselves.

Thats the only way I can cope with this hand we have been dealt.

Hugs Butterfly54 xxx :-)


Why is it most suffers are women??


If you like a laugh look at the Jokes Galore! that the admin started yesterday. I've posted a load of jokes and intend to post more.....

Laughter is very important for us, raises the serotonin levels and makes us feel good even on a really bad day....

hugs Yvonne xxxx


Thanks Yvonne! :) xxx


Two neighbours in my block have it. So do two other friends who live away. Hubby woke me up at 3.23 cos he couldnt sleep (i was finally in dream land hoping for 6 hrs) and now he is snoring next to me while im wide awake arrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh.


My ex used to complain about my nocturnal habits. like your hubby he snored so loud, could hear even with ear plugs in lol lol. xx


The only people I know with it are on here! As for being awake at silly o'clock, me too. But I have no laptop upstairs as yet xxxxx


Luck i live in a flat. If i go to my daughters and I want to go up stairs I SAS Crawl going up and come down either on my bum or i go down backwards stood-up (much easier than it sounds, at least i can't fall down then)


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